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I have been doing a tonnn of research lately on gynecomastia, as I have decided I have let my puffy nipples rule me for too long. Ever since i took my shirt of at the swimming pool i noticed my nipples were puffy unlike anyone elses. I did my research and figured it would eventually go away.

I am 19 years old now, a Division I athlete whose body fat is extremely minimal with a muscular build, and guess what? yup still have these damn puffy nipples. Compared to other cases i have a mild form of puffy nipples, but i have always been embarrassed to take of my shirt ever since that day at the pool. I have a great social life, great girlfriend, people could look at me and see nothing wrong with my chest from wearing a normal tee-shirt but when i get in the shower every morning and look down to see my nips.... its just made me want to do something about it more and more.

For the past few weeks ive been checking out my options for surgery and trying to find the best PS. Once i knew everything there was to know I decided it was time to approach my parents, which I delayed doing for about 5 days because i didnt know how to come about saying i wanted plastic surgery!... "umm hey mom i want surgery this summer... because youve never known how embarassed i feel without a shirt on.... uhhh my nipples have always bothered me"  haha. Thats basically how the convo went and THANK GOD i have extremelly loving parents that will do anything to make me happy. So just today i made my consultation with Dr.Zenn the associate professor of Plastic Surgery at Duke Medical Center June 12th and i am eladed. Im looking forward to having surgery done before school starts up in September. Im going to be trying to get my chest as big as possible to increase the immediate results of the surgery. Im almost 100% sure i will need only glandular excision as my chest hardly has any fat, but what do i know. So now that i have written this a 2:30 in the morning when i should be studying for my spanish exam i feel very stupid. It is time to study now haha.... ill keep all of you updated. laterr


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Nice man. I was in a similar situation as you. Looked pretty much normal with a T shirt on, good shape otherwise. It sucks when its just that ONE thing thats ruining everything else. Anyway, hope it goes well for you! And good luck with the spanish


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