Author Topic: My story of my battle with gynecomastia  (Read 2077 times)

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Hi everyone
I have visited this site on numerous occasions and I can relate to all the men that suffer from gynecomastia. For a long time probably since my teenage years I had developed puffy nipples. At 13 and 14 I was fairly skinny, but I remember my nipples were quite evident even showing through a light polyester shirt. Anyhow as I continued to grow throughout my teens, I started lifting weights.  Still something seemed not right with my chest. Then to my early twenties I would say I was in fairly decent shape, still my older brother would make the “bitch breasts” comment which would really upset me, because I felt like I was in good shape. Up until recently I did a little research on gynecomastia and I discovered that I had a pretty bad case of it. This caused a mild depression which turned quite severe. I looked for many different options, but there seemed to be no cure for me. Then I came across a local plastic surgery clinic and I started to contemplate going in for an examination to determine whether or not I would need surgery. So, I went in for a consultation spoke with the doctor and he confirmed that I had gynecomastia. He scheduled a surgery date and from then on the anticipation was high. I remember the day of the surgery waiting patiently until my name was called. The time came, I was led into the surgery room, woke up not knowing how much time passed by. I just remember it feeling like the best sleep that I ever had. After an hour or so I was home. I had the compression vest on and I remember feeling a lot of pain, not being able to lift my arms at all. I took off my vest to have a look and there was starting to be a lot of bruising. The recovery time took awhile. After a few months I remember I had a liquid discharge out of my nipples and I can feel like pieces of corn in my breast area and I could move them around. Very weird. This had me worried thinking that the surgery did not help. Thankfully after two years all is well and my chest looks good. All I have is two small little scars bellow my chest on each side where the doctor operated. Yes the surgery was expensive, but if you know this will help with your confidence I recommend it to any man suffering from gynecomastia. To me it changed a lot when it comes to how I feel about my body. I am no longer afraid of my chest and my nipples showing through my shirts. I feel like a new man.
Thank you for reading my story.


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I am glad that end of the story finished good.....I don't know why but when I read these satisfaction stories after surgeries even if I have not gone to the surgery,  I feel like I had and very happy after the operation.......Congratulations for winning this battle .


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