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I'm 24 yrs old and have had the gyno since I was 13.  They grew in almost overnight, hard lumps under my nipples that were obviously to me not fat or muscle.  In 8th grade football every single day in practice my nipples would get hit during blocking or tackling drills or something and it used to hurt unbelievably bad, each time I'd take a blow there it swell more, be more tender, sensitive, and hurt more.  I was probably the best player on my team but quit before high-school because of the pain and embarrassment, and playing football was my favorite thing to do. 
When I was about 15  I finally built up the guts to tell my mom my concerns about it and that I wanted it looked at.  She surely noticed but I'm sure it didn't bother her.  I was a daily concern for me, a constant struggle to hide my boobs.  She agreed to take me to a doctor and not to tell any other family members about the situation and my concern with it.  The not a nice person doctor told me "Oh that's normal for someone your age, it will go away as you grow a little more and your shoulders broaden."  I knew at that time for a absolute fact that they would not go away.  The doctor just didn't care.  I had no grounds to disagree with him, a stranger who touched my nipple for two seconds must know more about my body than me. 
It's gotten a little worse gradually over time.  I been made fun of just like the rest of ya, been embarrassed to take my shirt off, just like the rest of ya.  I'm constantly trying to find or try on different shirts that hide it better.  When I notice they look real obvious in front of somebody that I don't want to notice I try to flick my nipples real sneakily before I approach them so they kind of tighten up and shrink real quick.  If I do have my shirt off and am swimming I make sure to keep in the cold water and not to get out for any extended periods, and especially not go in the hot tub.  I cold water gives me the hard nips and makes the man-boobs look a little less noticeable, if they get hot and relaxed then sometimes they look freakishly bad, like I'm a man/woman.  It's horrible.  I've lost a girlfriend that I loved and have a kid with, I believe because of my man boobs, now she's with a flat chested guy and have had trouble dating in general because of it.  It's extremely uncomfortable, a daily concern, and a major problem in my life.  I want surgery to fix it.  I had the money a few years back and considered it but I was with the afore mentioned girlfriend and figured we'd be together forever and it wouldn't matter.  That didn't pan out, I can't lead a happy life with these man boobs.  Everything else about my appearance is good but no decent woman wants to be with a guy that has bigger boobs than she's got.  I need some help!  Any top of the line plastic surgeons in Chicagoland with reasonable prices, that finance.


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Hey Chris,

Thats so unfortunate what you say there, I felt totally gutted for you with the football thing as you sound like you loved playing.  Nobody should ever have to give up something they love for the reasons in discussion.
May be a sore subject, so I'll apologise in advance, but did your girlfriend ever mention it to you or make any observational comments? Just that a lot of my shame and getting down over it comes from myself.  The few people I have spoken to about it think I don't need to (obviously looking at the pictures I do).  This could be down to them actually not noticing because I've covered it up well...or the fact they plain havn't!

As I said in the other thread, if I were you (and this is what I did) get yourself along to your family GP and go from there.
Unfortunately, I can't help with recommending any clinics/surgeons for you as I'm not even in the US but I wish you all the best!

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Photographs don't always tell the story too well, so I rarely check them. A set of standardized images by a surgeon or his photographer would be better but still have problems with subtleties of form.

The Question is, how much does it bother you?

One of the ironies is that the less there is to remove, the more skill is required. An honest self appraisal is called for. Just how bad is your situation? Just how realistic are your expectations?

If you qualify for a visa card and you don't already have it loaded, you should have no trouble financing.

Conversely, if you are already loaded with debt, you may have to pay it down somewhat first.
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