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Hi Everyone,

Unlike some people on here, my problem with gyno is only a relatively recent one although I have always had relatively large nipples (in terms of areola width and height). Anyway, the cause of my condition has never been entirely clear. Up until about 18 months ago, I was a pretty keen athlete and I took my fair share of sports supplements. I suspect that there may have been something in one of these which increased the level of estrogen in my system, although this has never been confirmed by a medical professional.

Anyway, my gyno first became noticeable around a year ago. It amounted to a reasonably large lump on one side, as well as a much smaller lump on the other. There was also a considerable amount of fatty tissue present, which I think was largely caused by my physical inactivity.

Having read a few testimonials as well as some scientific studies on the internet, I decided to try taking tamoxifen (nolvadex) for a while in an effort to clear the situation up. I didn't get this from a doctor, I bought it elsewhere. I noticed some minor improvement but the bulk of the problem remained. In the absence of any other really viable solution, I decided that seeking medical help was the only way forward.

I first consulted my regular GP who referred me to one of the top breast surgeons in my country. I should stress that he primarily deals with women suffering from breast cancer and that he is not a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Nonetheless, he is massively respected and is the senior surgery lecturer in the country's leading medical school.

I have to confess that I have never been fully certain that my surgeon and I were reading from the same page when it came to my condition. He sent me away for a series of ultrasounds, blood tests and needle tests and ultimately concluded that I was only suffering from gynecomastia on one side (the one with the larger lump). I have no doubt but that the condition was present on both sides, a lump was obvious when pressing the area between my fingers. He also seemed quite obsessed about avoiding the possibility of creating a concave nipple, saying that it was important to limit the amount of tissue removed.

In any event, I had my surgery in early January this year. On the eve of the operation, I convinced my surgeon that there was a definite lump on both sides and he agreed to remove the gland under each nipple. As far as I know, little if any liposuction was performed - I imagine that only the fat immediately surrounding the glands was removed. I must say I had a great operative experience - a lovely private hospital was covered by my medical insurance, I had no problems with the anaesthetic and suffered little pain afterwards.

Since then, however, things have not been going so well. My surgery initially healed well and without complications which is just as well as I am quite a busy person (in terms of career, I am also self-employed) so I could not afford to be taking weeks off to re-cooperate. Sadly, because of my schedule, my exercise has continued to be limited which I think might have hindered my recovery but I would be grateful for any opinions. I have only been able to get around one proper exercise session in per week, although I do walk around 4/5 miles every day at a brisk pace in conjunction with my job.

In any event, my situation 6 months after surgery is as follows: the wounds have completely healed but a considerably amount of scar tissue remains under each areola (along the line of the incision); it feels as though there is a gap where the lumps which were removed had previously existed; when I feel around the area I think I can feel some very small hard tissue but I am unsure whether this is merely evidence of scarring/something innocuous/a figment of my imagination; my chest is generally flabby and has not firmed up anywhere close to the way I had hoped; my chest is generally distorted and from certain angles looks similar to the way it did before surgery (e.g. when I lean forward or lie face down); my nipples protrude around 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from my chest - although they are not particularly obvious from the front, they are noticeably extended from the side. As a result of all of this, I have not experienced the massive boost in self-confidence that I was hoping for.

I recently visited my surgeon for a post-operative consultation. He said he was very happy with the results and that things would continue to improve as time went on - it was difficult to argue with him, as he is quite clearly the expert. Specifically he said it could take up to 18 months for the site of the surgery to fully settle down. I am still very worried though. As I have said, I am not in great shape in the moment - I'm about 6' and 200lbs - but I'm not excessively overweight by any standards. I have examined countless photographs of people far more overweight than me, and their chests seem to rest far more manfully than mine does.

I am hoping that the post-operative scarring and trauma to the area is a major factor, in addition to my general weight. I am currently using some silicone sheeting (which several friends have used to treat scarring with great success) in the hope that the scar will be pressed down and that the nipple will recede with it. I am also trying to re-establish a serious exercise regime, hopefully involving 3 lengthy cardio sessions per week.

I would be really grateful from any opinions, but especially those from people who may have endured similar situations.

I apologise that my first post on this forum is so long. I appreciate people taking the time out to read it and possibly offer some suggestions. Hopefully I may be able to offer some similar assistance to others in the future.


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hey i'm 3 weeks out of surgery and i too havent gotten the great boost in confidence i was hoping for. my chest still looks a bit girly from the side however atleast its not pointy anymore. I'm 6.1 and 190. I think it's just that most of the fat i build on my body goes primarily to my chest unfortunately.

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I see from your other posts that you had drains inserted at the time of surgery and also that you've had the area drained subsequently. Neither of these things was deemed necessary in my case. I suspect that my remaining problem may be caused to some extent by a build-up of fluid in the area previously occupied by the gland. Whatever is still in there seems very moveable - if I raise my arms above my head, my chest looks perfectly normal but when it they are down the area looks distorted.

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he's right that it can take longer for final results, though you should have an idea from where you are now.  some people have done gentle massage to help work away scar tissue and been happy with the results.  even with his expertise with women, though, he's not a p.s. and therefore not as familiar with gyne.  if you're still not happy, you could consider getting a second opinion from somebody who is.  

never apologize here for long posts telling your story  :)
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