Author Topic: My story about gynecomastia and how it affected my life  (Read 2023 times)

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First of all i wanted to say thanks for everyone and i'm very happy to know that others suffer from this condition.
So for the start i want to say that i'm a muscular teen , pretty thin and 17 years old .
So it starts like this , i think i've had it from age 8 but very small ya know like puffy nipples , but it started to be shown at my puberty 13 years old i've had little aureola under my nipples and my friends were touching but i really didn't care about it but still hurts if it get touched ..
At the age of 15 i became   Very aware of this condition and the pain has gone but the puffy nipples got size and my friend noticed that and told me that I've had gynecomastia and i didn't even knew about it and he did very weird cause he had no gynecomastia .. 
My self confidence gone down and pretty like i'm looking good so girls still attractive to  me still with no self confidence i just can't let people look at me and notice this condition i just do everything to hide it i think surgery could save many lives if asked me so people just don't understand why i'm acting like weird only my best friend know that i have gynecomastia and he says to me i have nothing but i know that i have breast tissue under my nipples and the comments from friends like hey you have puffy nipples lets squeeze them , not funny to me , i just can't stand right and be with confidence knowing that i have those puffy nipples under my shirt , sometimes i pretends to have self confidence but in boom just remember i have puffy nips , i return to be these un happy boy that have no self confidence and no one understand why he is like this , i am just fighting every day to be with confidence and show i'm a happy guy until i will pass my surgery hopefully it will go well i chose a pretty good doctor and the price is 4000 thousand dollars and it's worth the mental and physical problem it caused me , every single day i think of my nipples , for the record i have nipple bigger than the other-right-3.4 cm and left 2.6 cm and i'm touching them right know and i just want to remove the breast tissue and finally get over with and live a fully life with family and friends and have sex and shit that important to me and i know i could have sex but knowing my girl would be disgust by it would be damage for me she would reject me , so puffy nipples are very annoying and it caused me to think and say and also cry at the same time why the hell was i'm born i just want to die i have puffy nipples i deserve to die i just cried because of it and very depressed ... Hopefully surgery would finally solve all my problems at life , if doctors would understand how much damage it's causing they would make it free you know just to save people lives and unlock them from prison life with gynecomastia , i just think that everyone with this condition should think f-u-c-k what people think and just be with the feeling you don't have puffy nipples but still it can be seen so very sucks ... But still i think surgery is the only option even when now i think dying is the only option there is still hope , i will trying to change my thinking as everyday i do and just fight with it i can turn to a very self confidence guy in a minute but in  a minute could return to be that lonely boy in depression with low self confidence so i just fight with it every day , life is hard y know but still i i'm happy to have family , my mother just don't care of me just because she doesn't have the money to for it just to think why the hell have you created i just don't think i deserve to live these life , i wish i could return to the life where i haven't had gynecomastia and i did't care about anything you know i was very smart and i thought that i will be just like my old brother successful but my gynecomastia depressed me and i have nowhere to go and nothing to do hope that my mother will pay for it and just live my life as a happy person i think now that would miss school a lot of days   And i my procedure wouldn't go as i planned to and my friends would start laughing at me cause my nipples looking weird hopefully my condition wouldn't be worse as it was before ... There is hope for everyone ..i just think to myself how many things i missed and i miss those where i could get my shirt off with no worries and no bullshit in my head about gynecomastia and shit many stupid things got into my since the gynecomastia appeared it just turn me into a whole different person than i was before with no worries and sleep well and act well and be well at school and social activities and everyone actually loved be around me and i had many friends now not very much , just hope for good , it's a daily struggle it just turn me down in every situation just because of my look people still respects me .. Ohh life is hard..  Very vey painful every minute goes i just think let's spent time you have gynecomastia ao you can't do anything just causes problem with functional so many people i could have connected to and be open with them but the gynecomastia stopped me with the thinking of what would they think about it i can't let them see that so i just don't get near them and act like i don't know them i turned me into the person i never thought i would be so dysfunctional .... Very very rough very pain just want to end my life and forget all the stupid things i did and the way i act mentally and physically because of it , so there you go i have alot of stuff to bring up but i have to sleep and change my attitude again every day in school average boy no one even notice almost but yet with self confidence but in home very depressed ...i just stopped smiling you know .. Just get over with it even if anyone would have told me to do that now i would do even when i have school just do it soon as i could .. So have a good day everyone thanks for reading the half story of my life from 14-17 three years of suffering hopefully it will end soon , love you guys ..i hope that i won't be needed to die i just think that removing those and immediately changing my attitude for life f-u-c-k w-h-a-t p-e-o-p-l-e t-h-i-n-k


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I found that my gynecomastia was not the problem. My attitude about the Gynecomastia was the problem.

You must realize that I am much older than most people here and effective surgery was not available until I was older and had different priorities.

The condition never was an issue in my relationships with the fair sex. They have their own problems to deal with and none of the ladies in my life seemed to think it was a big deal.
Grandpa Dan

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For me it's a big deal i just don't want anyone to know that i have gynecmoastia i'm so embarresed of this .. Just hate my life i want to die ...

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Bro.......we are almost the same boat....

Please find a way to do surgery..........u are still young, long way ahead.......

DOnt you want days where u can finally wear any shirt you like, go swimming etc...lie on bed after sex naked..and feel cool?????

I just did my surgery took me a lot of thinking and $, but i finally went for it...i knew nothing would made me happy in life until i fix this nipples crap


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