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So this is a summary of my story:

I'm 24 and have had Gynecomastia since puberty, so basically as long as I can remember.  I can remember never wanting to take my shirt off because I was scared of what others might say, and scared to get laughed at.  I HATED my chest.  Anyways, last month I finally got up enough courage to call and set up an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon.  After the consultation and asking questions, I decided to get the surgery done.  Hopefully insurance will be reimbursing me since it was caused from puberty and not steroids or anything.   I had my surgery done this past Thursday, which was the 18th.  Today is my post op visit.  My chest already looks so much better and I am so much happier with how it looks thus far, even with swelling.  I did notice that I can actually hear fluid sloshing around on each side of my chest.  Is this normal?  It kind of scares me but thankfully I'm going back to the doc today.  I did not have any drains put in me like some of the others on here.  Anyway, that is the "short version" of my story.  :)



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