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So basically i noticed the problem when i was in grade 9. At that time, I just waited it out and didnt do much.. in grade 10 it really started to bother me because it was getting worse. I did some reading online and thought it could be G. So I went to the dr and they told me to lose some weight.. i did a little but wasnt really motivated. In grade 11 after highschool football was over, thats when it started to bug me. I weighed myself and I weighed 270 lbs (6'3 at that time). That killed me. After that I started to work out nd dropped 50 lbs before i knew it! That was great, but the boobs were still there. I went to the doctor again and I had some blood tests done. Waited a while for results... had some moe tests done.. waited longer and had some moe tests. I met many doctors and it was devastating after every appointment (I didnt think I was going to get a solution).

The condition really killed my self confidence (like it has for many people). Even with my closest guy friends, I would have to make up excuses not to go to the beach, swim, or go in a hot tub. These guys were my closest friends and they never knew, and still dont. I have only told one person (besides my parents) about having gynecomastia (i'm proud to say we're still good friends). I haven't even told any of my siblings about it. Its too embarrasing to me. Its tough growing up with a pool when you cant use it because you are worried about what people think. Ive only been swimming once in the past 3 years and that was by myself. Most of the time I cant even swim if no one is around because I am afraid of people coming over and seeing. Because of this, I feel like I've missed out on a lot.

Finally! I'm out of highschool, took a year off, and I am in my first year of college, and just now I am getting surgery. I couldnt be happier about it too! I am hoping that it goes well. I am basically praying that it goes well actually.. I am hoping this is going to be my first gyne-free summer! I have my surgery scheduled for mid-january. I hope I do well post op and it looks good. I am happy with the scheduled date too. I finished first semester at school last week and I go back 3 days before my surgery. Breaks from school seem to go by fairly fast, so I am just going to have fun with friends, go out ad enjoy it (knowing a change is right around the corner).

If you have any questions, let me know!


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You have a POOL! Damn dude that would just kill me. That's torture bro, not swimming in it because of gyne. Get that shit out of your chest so you can start swimming. I got a question, who's your doc? Well anyways good luck. Hope all goes well for you.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.


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