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New user (howdy all) and I wish I had found this forum 7 years ago when my problem started.  Actually, it probably started earlier.  For the past 28 years, I've been periodically seeing my doctor and getting my hormones tested. It's been low as long as I can remember - below the low-end of normal (as in 125-150 instead of minimum 250).  I lived with it; sex life with wife was decent, so no  need to upset things, right?
Wrong.  A few years ago, things got weird, as in my T level dipped below 50 and stayed there.  And concurrently, my blood estrogen level spiked and has stayed high.  My doc (endocrinologist) and I have tried everything - TRT just causes the estrogen to go higher; doc suspects that the T is being almost immediately aromatized into estrogen.  Long story short, what had been very minor gynecomastia blossomed and bloomed into decent breasts - as in there's no hiding them when I have no shirt on and under light shirts, the shadow/outline is prominent.  (band measurement - 40 1/2", over breasts - 47 1/2") And from my teenage love of breasts (talk about irony here!) I would call them perky. Not saggy at all - which makes them more prominent if I don't disguise them. I've let a few pounds slide onto me because it disguises them a tiny bit.
I checked out surgery, and in the end decided no.  I've had too many surgeries that were required, and I can live with minor breasts and not have to subject myself to yet another operation. Besides, I've gotten to like them kind of.  Besides, the sensitivity is a good gauge as to my hormone levels - when T is really low, they're kind of full and tender, so I know to go to the doctor for another hormone test.
I don't go shirtless - ever - because my wife really doesn't like me having breasts and my daughter (Asian) is jealous that dad has bigger breasts than she does.  I'm curious about the experiences of others with regard to a wife or GF who doesn't like a man with boobs. How do you handle it?  I can't make my wife like them.
I know I need to get some support, but wife really turns up her nose at the thought of me getting a bra.  On the other hand, I'm sick to death of the bouncing, especially since we had to move upstairs while our downstairs is gutted and renovated (Hurricane Harvey flooding).  It's also somewhat intimidating to think of wearing a bra in public and having people notice.  Plus the embarrassment of having a fitting; it was humiliating enough the first time the doctor ordered a mammogram.  The thought of being in a lingerie store or department full of women while being fitted?  Eeep! A little intimidating.  And on that subject, is there anyone in Houston who knows of a good shop and fitter who will be understanding and not make me feel like a freak?  I dread another incident like my first mammogram.
As I read more and more stories and notes here, I'm feeling a little less alone (and yes, I know the statistics of incidence of gynecomastia).



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Well,  welcome to the club that not all of like being members of!  I had gyno as a teen but grew to 46H due to health issues. My wife a daughters support me wearing bras and my doctor recommend that I do, but I don't really like to.

Anyway, you came to the right place to find outside support! 



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