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Dear all,
I recently found this forum and would like to share my story with you.
I am 30 years old and was finally operated four days ago.

Shortly before puberty hit I have gained a lot of weight and had serious problems with big male breasts since. My weight has gone up and down like a roller coaster (anywhere between around 100kg to 75Kg at 178cm height) but the breast issues never went away.

The impacts on my life were massive.. already at the age of 10 I was making excuses for swimming with shirts on only and after the age of 14 up to now there has been no swimming or being topless in front of others (except for two times at the doctors) at all.
Even when being with girlfriends light ALWAYS needed to be 100% eliminated from the room when getting romantic and no chance for changing shirts in front of them.

Around 2008 I have started to work out and doing sports regularly (3 times a week to the gym, around 1-2 5-10km runs per week and regular other sports such as badminton or tennis).. I am still carrying around a lot of body fat but I've made it to quite a stable 85Kg on the scale. My stamina improved significantly and I have gained some strength as well. All in all I would say I am feeling healthy for some time now.

The downside from all the exercise was that I have never noticed any changes regarding the breasts. No matter if I was at 75 or 95kg, their size has roughly been the same. This also caused some serious motivational problems sometimes for continuing with the work out.
So after realizing I could not make it with sports alone and after wasting a lot of money on shady products which promised to "magically" remove breast fat, I knew a surgery could not be avoided.  In 2011 I had one try to solve it via health insurance with some embarrassing doctor visits and filling out a lot of forms which resulted in nothing and killed all my courage at that point.

Since the end of 2011 I found a girl which I trusted enough to discuss my breast issues openly with and who supported me so that in 2013 after turning 30 I've finally decided to pull off the surgery and to stop all the negative impacts this condition had over my life.

Now I am sitting at home with my vest on and am four days post OP. The operation has been done abroad due to the high costs and there were some complications with one breast. They had to put me under anesthesia a second time directly after the first OP and performed a second OP to pump out the blood which was filling up within my right breast.
All in all they've said they removed around 1000ml of breast fat. I don't really have comparisons but I think it is quite a lot.

I have yet to take off the vest, but the breasts still feel quite swollen and thick. I am a bit in fear at the moment that they have not removed enough fat and that I still have these big breasts.. tomorrow morning will be the first time for me to remove the vest and to see whats underneath.

So this was more or less my experience up to now.. maybe somebody can relate this to themselves. I hope that I will be able to provide you with a happy end to my story.. but no matter what, don't let this condition ruin your life! I am regretting not doing something about it earlier..



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