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Hormones, sex drive, depression, and it still do not end.  Last August, my Testosterone came back at 285 ng/dl.  I freaked out because for all my advice from the general physician is that I am normal.  At that point in my life I had no loss of sex drive or erection issues.  Once that number came back it all changed.  That same doctor who said I was normal and had “dense fat pockets” now wants me on androgel.  I asked if exercise, diet (lack of Zinc intake), and sleep deprivation due to working 90 hours a week would have a difference.  Well, he said no infact exercise should help it.  Little does he know that intense exercise over 90 min in duration blunts GH hence lowering testosterone.  I got it rechecked at 8am.  Testosterone is 390 ng/dl, FSH and LH in the middle of the range.  I should be happy right.  Unfortunately, that’s a little low for a 29 yr old male.  So I went to an Endocrinologist he looked at my Testes and they are both 25ml in volume.  He also told me that my gyno as a child appeared as injured tissue “scar tissue” from squeezing that area.  I did that a lot as a teenager with a lot of force.  I hated my self.   This tissue is about 2-4cm in diameter.  So this week I am got my results done again checking bio available testosterone, estrogen, and GH.  I tried to sleep the night before but the stress kept me up until 3 am.  I was going to get it the next day, but Columbus was getting a huge ice storm.  Luck me.  Sleep is very important for the LH surge at night.  Well just like last time I am getting blood drawn with little sleep.  As for my sex life, it has gone down south due to the stress.  The good news is I still have morning wood.  I am also getting my sperm count due on Wednesday.  So next week will be a crazy stress filled week.  Wish me luck.  I wish I never opened Pandora’s box.   Some one said gyno is 90% mental 10% physical.  I can see where this statement comes from.  I am just sick of the Medical community sweeping this condition under the rug as 40 to 60% men have this.   Was it always this way or is the hormone pumped food, soy products, and black licorice to blame.  Well, if you’re a normal to high testosterone male I guess not.  For the rest of us prey your T to E ratio does not get out of wack.  I also love the fact in sex ed back in the 1990’s did not say a word about gynecomastia as a normal event in puberty. 

Sorry to depress any of you out there I just need to vent. >:(


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black licorice would be a new one, i refuse to believe it  ;)  soy probably not, though i'm still suspicious of the meat and dairy stuff, the messups that causes made the europeans refuse to import product out of the us even at the expense of trade fines, good for them. 

i dunno if sex ed is the place to mention gyne, people are self conscious enough there as it is, but what they REALLY need to do is educate pe teachers to watch for the kids who are skipping showers, changing shirts in under two seconds, and doing everything the can to get out of shirts and skins.  that would be a real help. 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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Hello, please help me. I am 24, very little $ and need this surgery badly. I have an HMO and want to know what would constitute as a qualified covered procedure?

My GP has given me a blood work slip, and she will add anything I want to it, so what should I add to it to rule out Horomonal problems, such as an endorcineologist would order in blood work?
Please list all blood tests, as this is being covered by insurance !!!
all blood work that would possibly lead to believe this is horomonal.. etc.
I know to test for testosterone, t3, t4, etc. what else?


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