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Wow where to even start.

In less than a month I will be 22 , and that means I've been dealing with gyno for just about half of my life. My gyno situation is much more mild than many on this site, I never had full "man boobs", however I was stuck with what seemed to be breast lumps covered by PUFFY NIPPLES. I started to notice my nipples getting bigger when I was about 11-12, by 13-14 I had pleaded with my mom to see a doctor, this wasn't normal, no other boys at school had this. So after many requests we went to my family doctor, he first told me that it happens it all boys going through puberty and to wait it out and it will eventually go away. I waited, and waited, and waited, only to have these things continue to grow. I was constantly harassed at school whenever gym class came up , bitch breasts, puffy nips, all sorts of name calling. I was part of the "cool kids" so it was never really an ongoing bullying situation from my own friends, but the older guys just like to be dickheads when they're that age. I was also (and still am) a hockey player, I hated feeling the need to face the wall when you have to take off your shirt off , but as long as I rubbed my nips, they would usually go hard as if it were cold outside. And that's another point, my gyno was hardly there when it was cold outside, my nips would be tight to my skin and I'd just have some lumps in my breast; SUMMER TIME - my kryptonite, man did my nipples swell up, these things would triple in size, I avoided any social gathering where a shirt would be taken off, and even until now, I would still constantly be touching my nips trying to get them to harden up. I've been lucky enough to not care about what people would say as much as I've gotten older, because you can't do much about it unless you go under the knife, and if anybody is going to ridicule you about something you have no power over, screw them, they should have no place in your life.

Alright lets flashback to when I was 16, I started smoking marijuana VERY heavily. Multiple times a day, summer between grade 11-12 at least a 20 bag a day, this had no influence on me having gyno, I just enjoyed toking up. HOWEVER, over time of drinking and smoking a lot of pot, as well as some other illegal indeavours. I had start to notice that my nipples would puff up almost immediately after smoking weed or after drinking the next day. What in the f**k !? Right. Well as I continued to investigate gynocomastia on my own, (many times for hours until the AM, wishing I could make it go away) I quickly learned that both marijuana and alcohol produces more estrogen when in your body (makes sense as to why my breast would puff up). Although neither substance had any direct impact on my gyno forming, (as i had never touched either until I was 15) I do believe that they increased the size and sensitivity of my gyno, as for many years it would be tender to touch; as I learned from many titty twisters. Even just two weeks before surgery a guy from work grabbed my nip, clearly not expecting to grab hold of something more..  :o LOL

So by the time I was grade twelve I had gone to my doctor numerous times, I had gotten blood work, ultrasound, seen a pediatrician, you name it. All I was ever told was to WAIT, and each time I was told this it would bother me that much more, because I had seen my body change and this was not going away, finally by doctor told me when I was 18 that it would have to be surgically removed. Ahhhh, some sweet sweet honesty.

By this time I'm now 20, I had put surgery aside to focus on hockey. So again, Junior hockey now behind me, I embark on trying to get rid of my gyno. Luckily for me , my brothers friend also had this problem and had just had surgery, so I got the name of the surgeon, called the office, but unbeknownst to me, you have to have your family doctor refer you. (Had a previous surgeons office call me back I would have known) so I finally get the referral. I had just turned 21 (November 2013) , I get a phone call a couple weeks later!! Christmas came early. "Your consultation is on June 21st" uugghhhh, I was so excited, and then the waiting game once again. So I wait it out, hoping there's some way I could get in sooner, I tried, but no luck. So the day finally comes , I go see my surgeon, quick discussion and she checks out my problem, I'M ELIGIBLE FOR SURGERY UNDER MEDICAL ;D ;D I sign the papers, walk out feeling like a million bucks. Stoked on getting this over with finally ! I must have called 5 times over the summer to see when my surgery would be. September comes around, I finally get the call. October 14th. I don't think I've ever been at such peace as I was when I walked into the Operating Room.

I do recommend staying as healthy and as lean as possible to reduce your gyno. I am in the gym usually 5 times a week when I have time between my two jobs, and not only to reduce your gyno, but to lead a better and happier life !!

Also just wanted to point out, those pictures are from Dec 2011 and then Nov 2012. I will post more once I can take my compression garment off tonight !!

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You had to wait from november till june for a consulation? i would go nuts , had mine 1 day after calling the surgeon lol
anyho congrats on your surgery , your gyne looks similar to mine so il be looking forward to the results ( i got surgery on 21st october ).


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