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On Saturday my wife and I went shopping and to stop by my in laws to check on them. I was wearing my bra as we had a lot of walking to do. When hugging my mother in law who is very short she reached up and got a hand full of boob! That was bad enough, but she squeezed it. Not just once but twice. I just chuckled and when my wife and I where back in the car we laughed our butts off.
I don't think she'll remember it she's 80. But it was the funniest thing I have ever had happen .

Life is too short to worry about being judged by people that we would never take advice from anyway.

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She liked what she felt 😂

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That is hilarious. Idk what id do if someone reached out or up and just squeezed em lol. What cup size are you if you don’t mind me asking?

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I'm a 42C and her hand didn't cup it all but not for lack of trying. She is a sweetie, now when we go she still hugs me with a pat under my arm by my side boob all while smiling. I can tell she knows but she could care less.

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funny but i would not get upset.. she is 80 for crying out loud ;D
just an older gyno sufferer


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