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I'm 22, live in Houston Tx,  and have had Gynecomastia since i can remember :-\. This was ridiculously embarrassing, I've heard others say how embarrassing, and just down right low it makes you feel. Well experiencing it first hand is an eye opening experience. I have played sports through out my high school years, as well as worked out and still my chest wouldn't go down.  ??? So i decided i would go ahead with this surgery once and for all. On July 30th of this year, I went ahead and met with Dr. Leo Lapuerta. Going into the surgery room, it was nerve racking, but his team of nurses made me feel like a million bucks, very comfortable. I awake with little pain, but tired. I had a bandage rolled around my chest very tight, and was told to take it off in two days, then to put the pressure garment on. When i first took off my bandages i couldn't believe what i was looking at ;D. My confidence level went up 100%. Its been 4 days now and my results are amazing, no swelling, chest looks amazingly perfect, and the thought that i could wear any shirt/ take my shirt off and not worry about others staring is priceless. I will keep ya posted with my results and let ya know how everything is going.. And to those whom, had the surgery, congrats feel free to write or respond back with advise or feed back. Thanks everyone for your time, i will be writing more within a week.  ;D

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Do you have before and after photos? Congrats on the surgery. Can't wait for it myself

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Good to hear you found a good doctor. Best wishes
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