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I had my surgery done 4 years ago in San Francisco with Dr. Delgado, and I can tell you it was the best thing I ever did.  Having gynecomastia from a young age (12 or 13) has altered the path I took in life in a number of ways.  Its changed my personality to be more inward and insecure at times, its caused me to stay in a bad relationship because deep down I didn't want to expose myself to a new girl and risk being laughed at, it robbed me of the confidence to excel in school and even get a job after college.  Gynecomastia had stopped me from going swimming during my high school summers, taking my shirt off in public, going on vacations with friends to exotic destinations, etc. 

All of that changed after I got separated from my ex-wife.  If I was going to have any chance of meeting new woman and dating them, I had to get the surgery.  I finally mustered up the money and the courage to get the surgery done in 2007.  My life changed dramatically after that.  I started going to the gym regularly, lost lots of my body fat and was finally in good shape, unafraid to take off my shirt (although its still a little weird and takes some getting used to), dated amazing women 10-15 years younger than me (I'm 39 now but was around 35 at the time), and basically was having the time of my life.  1 year after the surgery I met an amazing woman who looks like a model and has the heart of an angel.  She is 10 years younger than me and we are now married.  It would have impossible to make a connection with someone like that pre-surgery, because my only fear would be "What will she say when she sees my breasts?" This would result in me not being sexually playful or flirtatious and ultimately would kill off any possible romance.

Why am I telling you this?  Its amazing how much life can change when you get rid of the gynecomastia handicap.  Before the surgery I was an overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy guy who lacked confidence and already thought of himself as old.  After the surgery and my shift in thinking, I realized the old saying "age is only a number" is so true.  We are limitless in our abilities.  Stop thinking about surgery and just do it.  It will be the best thing you'll ever do.  Just do your research and make sure you go to a reputable surgeon. 

My best to you all!



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Inspiring story -- congratulations!!

I, too, have witnessed many patients have similar outcomes.  I often state that gyne surgery is actually surgery on two parts of the body -- your chest and your brain (ie self image and self esteem).  Your story illustrates how improvement of your chest will actually affect your social life and self image.

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