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Reply pls. I'M 54 I'm impatant 8yr now from heartmeds. & related psyc. probs.&meds. Heart now inoperable,  I
go for heart trans. evaluation 3yr ago. Find prostate tans. heart to weak for sur. So I get 42rad./treats. I now have 44bs. from meds./rad /cans. damage. So being impatant & no ops. I'll keep breast. Hormon chng.
made me feel more fem. than mas. Breast are still grwg.
my bod. is changing also. Hips rounding, atatude chng. as well. I can't control this, the thing is that I'm liking it
now. Don't think I want to now, the only eroginus zone
is these breast. Am I the only one in this unique situation. Would like some input please!!!! BOOBSTAY


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Sounds like you have a unique situation. I dont wanna be insensetive to your issue but if you like what is happening to you and your attitude is positive and menatlly beneficial...then I say no worries! YOU should be comfortable with how you feel and that is great...most people aren't as lucky as you. I beleive the majority people on these boards are actually uncomfortable with their "man-boobs" and wanna do something about it or are looking with ways to deal with it psychologically. You should feel blessed to have a positive outlook on your situation and revel in the fact that you are satisfied with your growing condition.

On the flip side of this I wanna say that i think these boards are more for us who have serious mental and social issues with this condition (whatever the degree to which) and we are looking mostly for support, advice, and an education regarding the matter. But again, God bless you for feeling good about it and you shouldn't feel any remorse, hesitation, or regret for feeling that way.....because after's YOUR LIFE and whatever makes you feel happy or satisfied or good with it is good enough for you and NOBODY else!

well said
"I've noticed that many people seem to fall into 3 categories; 1) people who have true gyno and have suffered psychological from it.  2) people who suffer from psuedo-gyno (the majority) and suffered"

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Congratulations on maintaining a good attitude.

These pages often ignore the fact that many of us sometimes need help with coping but for some reason either will not or cannot have surgery.

Keep in touch.
Grandpa Dan

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We have some things in common!  I'm waiting on a liver transplant and by an odd set meds  and bodily functions, I'm slowly turning into a girl.  There's really nothing I can do about it, either.

My breasts are a tremendous source of sexual pleasure.  So I've just gone with it.  I've changed my manner and dress to one thats much more feminine.  I have no trouble finding male partners.  In fact, I can pick and choose who I go with.

My advise is Enjoy.  See how the other half lives!  Message me if you'd like info on transgender living.
'I could never be a woman.  I'd spend the entire day playing with my breasts' - Woody Allen


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Show me in any law or constitution where it says women must have breasts or that men can't.

Be yourself - it's probably what you're best at ! :)


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