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I dont know for howlong I have been having these. Guess i noticed them when i was 14 something and then things started to change for me. Had a tough time at school and an ok type college life. But when I moved out of the country for my masters, Life became normal again. Either I was growing up and getting more mantured mentally, or I was getting used to the fact or the environ around me is now a bunch of adults and not kids that are equally serious with their lives... or maybe a mix of all these. There were times, when I even forgot abt my moobs and started having a close to normal life  until last week, when a few friends from work planned out a summer dip at the local river.

Maybe owing to the few years, when the issue abt my moobs shrunk to oblivion in my mind (not in their physical size though!) I did join them along. But then I found there a little crowd all in their skins (including the ladies! well that was fun LOL!) and Iwas the only one in my Tees. My freind  did force me to take off my tees and dip in the river (not physically! his intentions were good bcos he didnt want me to miss out on the fun!) but i told him i didnt  feel like it and opened out a novel; i had brought and pretended to be engrossed in it.

Well things went uneventful , no bullying or smirks just that i got back to being conscious of its presence again! i did make a promise to myself to see a doc and get things resolved once I have enuf money saved! I would love to hear a few words from ya all!


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summer's tougher to deal with, but sounds like you're making your plans, and that's a good thing.  
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