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So I joined this community a little, but its got some great forums and support, So I decided to join and now after having surgery on my moobs last week, I felt I needed to share my story with others to ease your decision making or serve as encouragement.
I am 22, I have had gyno since I was 12. I first noticed when I had pyramid like nipples and awkwardly large breasts for a guy who was 10kg underweight at the time, (Im european and live in Sweden). So I dealt with the bullying under my teenage years, receiving mockery from girls, brothers and team mates for my girls like breasts. When I was 18, it didnt bother me as much since I was in a relationship and well I went along with the jokes, and this bullying then "stopped bothering me". Anyways, I decided to wait a few years JUST to make sure my gyno wasnt the 90% usually occurring during puberty, but that I had it for life, and it would grow every year and every kilo I put on. I was very and to some degree still am athletic at 188cm and 87kg.

After appointments and so forth, I flew to Finland to have the procedure at private clinic. The surgeon was known and a very kind old man who liked hunting. Besides the point, the surgery ended up costing me around 1,400€ which isint that much compared to what Ive read of you US counterparts paying for your surgery up to 10,000$.

I chose local anesthetics, simply because it was cheaper, but also because Id seen Dr."removed doctor"'s surgery on someone with local and it looked duable, although during the actual procedure at least twice (surgery was 2h) I felt the pain of him cutting off the chord ties between my chest as the anesthetics had run out of the body along with the blood, but overall the surgery went well (despite seeing my nipple and the lower part of my aerola detached from my body).

I had drains put in the side of the chest, I had them for about 24h collecting blood and fluids while at home relaxing, and then went back to the clinic and have them removed.

for the first 40h there was some chest pain like I just finished a heavy chest excerise and I felt very exhausted most of the time, and sleeping was very uncomfortable since moving chest caused some pain despite having compression vest but also the fact Ive never sleep straight on my back like a plank with arms on both sides still.

Its been 6 days now. Ill post a picture later, but I dont have one pre-op because I was too embarrassed to take on, (and I want to move on) but the gyno that was removed was the size of a cup of tea on both sides*

I havnt had any bruising whatsoever, and the drains did a good job in 24h in that I havnt noticed any lumps or fluids building up around the nipple or chest area. It feels good, and Ive never taken any pain killers during the process, because I havnt seen the need to, been home and relaxing in bed and not moving my chest that much, havnt showered yet, which is nasty, I just use baby swipes to clean face and other parts every 2 days, and I cant raise my arms above head, thats a big no-no from the doctor.

More updates to follow, but Im pleased with the result. questions, or comments?


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Congrats man, enjoy your new life. Im sure you must be happy ;)

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when you say detached, i assume you don't mean fully detached, right?  i believe the usual (and least cosmetically disfiguring) cut is a semicircular around the areola, should give them plenty of room to work with.  also, hard not to be curious, how long did he recommend against raising your arms for? 

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Detached is the wrong word, the usual half moon cut, but it was weird seeing the top 50% of the aerola rolled up on the chest. He said shouldnt raise my arms for at least a week or two, this should allow more nerves to reconnect with the skin and muscle tissue and possible decrease the chances of something going wrong, (should I flex and the nipple sinks into the armpit area) as some have experienced in this forum.

Going to take my first shower today. Its been 1 and half week since surgery. Feeling good, but left chest feels like its got a little harder tissue underneath than the right chest which feels fine.

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How's the recovery coming along?  Hope it's going good.

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Going really well, its been 2 weeks post op now. Never experienced any bruising, just the tissue was harder and a bit swollen, right now it looks like the only worries I have is how the areola heals, and scarring around it. I Dread that somehow it wont attach properly, and it is permanently wrinkly or uneven on the surface.

I can move my arms up but cant apply much force to pulling or pushing stuff without feeling pain in the chest. So still taking it easy but I have now been able to shower myself and wash my hair and wear t-shirts instead of dress shirts.


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