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Been in shame for a long time. 

I started noticing the gyne since I was about 13.   I'm now a 34 year old husband and  father of two.  Last year I was 300 pounds, I've been working out and lost 50.  Losing weight really only made the gyne more no ticable, although I felt a lot better.

I was also diagnosed with low T and started TRT about a year ago.

Tomorrow I'm having surgery.  My wife knows, she's the only one.  People at work know I'm out for an operation but don't know why. I just told the kids I was having an operation and will be sore and not to jump on me, but not to worry.   

The weird thing is I'm more worried about people asking about why I look different afterwards as I've always just ignored it before.   It kind of helped being larger.  I wanted to lose more weight, but I didn't want to put it off.  As it was through normal health care, i was on a waiting list which could have been 3 - 6 months.

Anyway, I'm late finding this site seeing it just today but it's been helpful. Cheers.   Kinda nervous.


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I would have no problem telling people close to me why I am having surgery. I don't think that I would get any shame. I might inject a little humor into the story, tell them how it makes me feel, tell them about the physical pain. I think they would be supportive and happy for me. Cosmetic surgery is really hip these days, it might get you extra street cred. I had a bud take me to my colonoscopy appointment once, I wasn't ashamed about it at all, but he did make fun of my loopiness as the anesthesia wore off. Sometimes I threaten him with sending a picture of one of my man boobs, but he doesn't seem interested.

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Obesity is a double edged sword. Not only is a large amount of fat stored in the breasts, but fat actually acts like a gland and converts Testosterone into Estrogen in a process called aromatase.

The balance of your hormones may improve as you continue to lose weight.

As far as shame is concerned, Why would you be ashamed of something that was beyond your control? You have done nothing to be ashamed of.
Grandpa Dan


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