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Well I am 19 and have lived with gynecomastia since i was 12.
over the past years it has held me back from doing a lot of activities i would otherwise enjoy, ex-swimming, joining a sport in high school and meeting new girls.

I can say I’ve done a really good job in hiding my condition that i thought i can live like this for the rest of my life.

But for far too long I’ve let it held me back, so for personal reasons i have not only thought about it but i did it,- I joined the US military.
I'm in a delayed entry program i will be leaving in a couple of months.

I said f*** it I’m not letting this stop me once again from doing something i want to do.

My first challenge, i had to go through a process to enter the military which included a full physical.
I got there and discovered about 200 other applicants were going to process along side me. When it came to the physical they placed about 30 of us in a room ( ages 17-25) made us strip down to our underwear. This was the first time i have ever had my shirt off in front of so many guys. The Doctor has us do various stretches and poses and made there way around with a stethoscope checking our lungs. He took a little longer with me and had his eyes locked on my chest. Just said good to the breathing a wrote a note on my file, moved on. I looked down at my file in the note section and written- the word "gynecomastic". I was being strong a tried to act the whole time like it didn't bother me but the truth was i wanted to drop dead write there and then. I wanted to walk out and disqualified myself said to myself what am i thinking. I knew I wasn’t going to die but it sure felt like it, an hour that seemed to last eternity. And I was lucky that even though it was noticeable and embarrassing for me none of the guys there said anything negative about it.

Next we dressed and were interviewed with one of the doctors. She picked up my file stared at my chest and stared back at the file several times and said ok, your temporarily placed on medical hold and cannot join until you take some lab test because of gynecomastia. Same day hormone testing revealed it was not causing the gyne. I'm in... and was told not to worry about the gyne that they will take care of it but in the mean time i must complete basic training and technical school first. brings me to where i an now, waiting to go to basic in couple of months, having second thoughts if it is worth it. being with a bunch of guys in the shower, oh god. I want to get the surgery before the whole experience but too late doing so will disqualify me so am asking for your opinion what would you guys do? I wish there was a way I can have the surgery without any paperwork done because they will find out.


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How will having the operation disqualify you?  I am shocked that they check for gynecomastia in the military they never did before.

You have any questions about the military feel free to message me.

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It doesn't surprise me that they pulled him up on it...

Clearly they noted it down to make sure he didn't have any testicle or hormonal problems...or maybe they were concerned about the mysterious but inconclusive marijuana-gyne link?

If you had the surgery you would have to allow yourself enough time to fully recover before going to physically intense military training (months).
I think that is what he was getting at...correct me if im wrong.

I'm not sure what you meant by "they will take care of it"...does that mean they will get the surgery done for you :)

having not been in the military myself I can't speak from experience, but I would wager a guess that showering with lots of other guys you would soon notice that many or at least some, have the gyne so you would not be alone.

Surgery done 18th March 2008

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The military dosent give a damn about weed anymore or criminals for that matter...  I'm wondering if there has been an established link between gyne caused by hormone imbalance and a larger issue for the military (suicide, hate crime, fratricide, desertion).  Please don't count on the military "taking care of it" for you.  If you are going active immediately gyne would not be considerd a disqualifier for your deployment.  Then whatever time is assumed for recovery you will need to have your commander sign off on if it is even close to a deployment or alert.

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The doctor told me they will take care of it; she said that she has performed hundreds of gynecomastia surgeries when she was in the Navy. When my recruiter found out, he was real understanding and said he knew a guy who went through the same thing. Once I’m stationed at my first base I am to make an appointment with a doctor and tell them how "it messes with my head".

Just bad timing, had  I found out gyne was a medical condition while in high school I would have had it taken care of myself long time ago, and would not be in this mess. I always thought I just needed to work out cuz I was a little chunky(not any more).

I would be disqualified now if I have the surgery just like if I were to get a tattoo or get a speeding ticket from now and till the time I leave for basic. Yeah I need some recovery time too so I guess my dream will have to be postponed for a while longer.

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The military Doctors come from the same medical schools as all the rest of the Doctors. They are thoroughly trained and have completed their residencies. Many are specialists, and their training is absolutely up to date. Usually, they are serving in the Military to pay back some of their educational loans etc.

Basic training could be a drag if you have some crude people there. The point is that you should not make a good victim.  Mostly, you will be too busy while in basic for your gynecomastia to be an issue.

Technical school is also very fast paced so you will not have time to be troubled there either.

Once you are at your first permanent assignment, Things become much more relaxed. Then you will have time to deal with things effectively.

Good Luck!
Grandpa Dan


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