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Hi All,
First I would like to appreciate all the people for forming such a supportive page. Thank you doctors as well

I m a 25 year old simple guy. I love lifting weights and my gym. From past few years I have notticed that my chest when cold or not flexed look so weird and puts me in such an awkward position.
I live a very healthy life style and workout regularly.
My poor chest has been through a lot, 
1)have marks left Bcoz of pox
2)one is bigger and other is smaller
3)they look so awkward when not flexed.

I feel like going for the surgery but there are few things I would like to know about !
1) will it ever grow back ?
2) will I be able to workout on chest again? And if yes then in what time ?
3) will it leave marks behind ?


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I'm curious, as you mentioned "Will it ever grow back"?
Once you have had surgery, you will be able to workout again, but it will take some time for recovery (3-6 months before seeing final results, just what I read from other blogs throughout these forums). I recently had surgery 6 days ago and my chest is flat as a board. I am worried I lost definition, but from what I have read, it takes some time before your final outcome will be noticeable (I expect to start seeing good results in 2 months from now, hopefully sooner).
As far as "marks" assuming you are talking about scars (post surgery of course), there will be minimal scarring, but with proper care (scar creams like Mederma, massaging, etc...) you should recover with them hardly being noticed (if at all). Just remember, we see our own flaws in MUCH MORE detail than others ever will.
In regards to your chest size(s) being different, this can be common but persistence pays off. You have to workout your muscles exactly the same, DO NOT over work one pec more than the other just to compensate for size issues. As time goes on they will eventually even out (Rome wasn't built in a day, that's my motto). Also, heavy lifting is not recommended for at least 2 months...FYI.
Hope I was able to answer some of your questions, if I was not clear enough, please provide me with more specifics. Thanks!

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Welcome to the club no one really wants to be a member of.  
Seriously, we are all here for the same reason and we can be understanding.  Sometimes there is comfort simply in knowing you are not alone.
Gynecomastia is so common that there are people who refuse to call it an abnormality.  That is why so many insurance companies exclude it from their medical and surgical coverage.  The Condition has been around and common for a very long time.  It is known that King Tut had the condition and it is evident in the art of ancient Egypt and Greece.  The word itself was coined by the Greek Physician Galen. 
It can grow back if your hormones become estrogen dominant, but that would be a rare thing.
You would have to limit your activities for a brief time after surgery but once you are healed you can do anything you did prior to surgery. 
All surgery leaves some sort of scars, but with a good surgeon who is properly qualified as a cosmetic Surgeon and Skilled at this particular type of surgery, the scars will be barely detectable. 
You did not specifically ask, but it is really very common for the breasts to be of unequal size.  Actually it would be rare for them to be identical.
Like I said before, you are among friends here so feel free to say or ask just about anything. 
In the short term, there are some tricks to dressing such that the condition does not show.  Knit tops are bad news, Woven shirts buttoned down the front are better.  Shirts with breast pockets are good but leave them empty.  Plaids and patterns are better than plain solid colors.  Letting the shirt hang free works better than having it tucked in.  
Grandpa Dan


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