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This post is for anyone out there that suffers from gynecomastia. I am disabled and have medicare. If I would have known medicare paid for this procedure I would have had it done years ago. Through searching I research I found out that it will. It takes finding the hospital to do it. I have puffy nipples or should I say had. I no longer have them as I had a mastectomy. I am quite overweight so my gynecomastia is reduced but still there as fat. This post is for anyone searching and researching online.


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Good to know. After my testosterone numbers get regular my dr is sending me to meet with the surgeon. I'm also disabled and on Medicare. At 38 years old I'm so ready to get rid of these 44 B's! I'm so glad to hear they paid for it. I feel less worrysome now.


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How much was your co-pay if you don't mind me asking, the usual 20%? I'm disabled as well, but I do all my medical at the VA, not that I'm thinking about the surgery just wondering. I'm actual looking at another back surgery sometime after thanksgiving, that I feel takes priority anyway.



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