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Hi this if my first post on here, but i've read a lot of what everyone has to say. I'm 17 and i'm 6 days post op right now. I first developed it around 8th grade when I was like 12 or 13. My brother had it also, and had surgery, and I can't help but wonder if I got it after many years of poking fun at him for his condition. I now can understand it. Insurance covered his as it was pretty severe case, but it wouldn't for mine. So my parents thought to be fair, they'd pay for mine since he had it done. After a few years of making up excuses why I wont take my shirt off at a volleyball game or go swimming with my friends I'm happy to bemoving on from this hopefully. For anyone contemplating the surgery or not, I'd say definitely go for it if you can afford it. Although i'm still stuck in my house for a few weeks while i'm healing, I can already imagine how much better life is going to be not worrying about this. No more excuses, I can do whatever I want. The last excuse I have to make to my friends is why I can't go out for a few weeks. So I decided to use wisdom teeth as my lie. I said I had a weird case of wisdom teeth growing in wrong and they really had to get in there to remove them haha. I feel for all you still struggling with the stress this puts on your social life, but I am very excited to hopefully not have to deal with it at all anymore. Good luck, get the surgery done if you can.



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