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I'm Milan and I live in Yugoslavia. I say hello to all of you here and admire your optimism and energy.
I am 16 years old and I've began to notice gynecomastia 1 and a half year ago while changing my robes while someone said look at his boobs, then I thought about it and it started to become a devastating situation. But, I didn't care that much I just was careful on my dressing I gave away nearly all of my shirts and stuff that I couldn't wear in order to hide my problem. Then on 2006 summer I went to seaside and my problem was noticed by my friends, who laughed to my situation and made jokes about it. Then I began to worry about it because it was being a problem. It started in basketball games and continued on any random touch by someone who could notice it. Anyway I beated up the guys who could say anything about it in order to make myself sleep relaxed, but this problem made me be an angry person and I became really violent. Now its been 1-2 months that Ive been making researchs and stuff like that and I've ordered drugs for gynecomastia. Now just 5 days ago my family decided to go to seaside and asked me to go with them and I said no. But, I couldn't find any reasonable excuse,so I told my younger sister about it she laughed at me, I was really angry then because since I discovered this problem I became a suicidal guy and this one was really the top of the line. I couldn't do anything by my self anymore, so yesterday I informed my mom by sms, and today we talked in messenger about it, now im gonna go to switzerland in order to have some examinations and to solve my problem, lets see whatll happen. By the way I discovered about your forum just today and I really do admire your courage.


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your making a step in the right direction my friend! go to switzerland, GET SURGEORY! its the only way if you ever want to take that top off on the seaside again.

best of luck

the forum is here for you


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did the drugs made anything ?


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