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Hi all

I have suffered with my nips since i was about 13! i remember skipping swimming at school (i loved to swim by the way) not getting changed in front of anyone, dreading being told to play in "skins" making up excuses that i had really bad hay fever and would be made worse if i got grass on my skin!! ( the teachers fell for it!)

i still have it now and it's not that bad, well not as bad as some peoples i have seen on here but it still makes mr feel like crap every day! i have puffy nips and what feels like two small lumps behind each breast! when i "twist" and straighten my back it's not too bad but when left for a while they stick out like a sore thumb!

i went to the doctors when i was 16 and was extremly nervous! he told me they would go away when got older and to not worry about it so i carried on covering myself up buying tight tops to wear under my other tops and only swimming when i was on holiday!

Now here i am 24 years old still same condition still hiding my body (which by the way is not bad apart from the nips!) i am healthy eat well and exercise everyday! yet i have this hanging over my head! i have a girlfriend of nearly 4 years who i can't bring myself to tell! i'm too embarressed to go see a doctor! ( i once plucked up the courage to go see my gp but when i got there i made up a story about a stomach bug)

anyway this is the first time i have talked about this and just wanted to express myself!! hoping for some miracle cure!!



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Most of us had the same problem buddy.

Im 20, and only got surgery this Friday and now on the long journey of healing but atleast my breasts have finally gone. (fingers crossed - I wont believe it till my bandages come off!!)

I also had it since the age of 12 if I remember ...

Making excuses has been my life.

Gyno has limited EVERYTHING.

All I can suggest is you save up and find a surgeon ... your looking at 4 grand for the operation. Good luck, and best wishes.


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