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Hi i am new here...i was battling leucemia when i was 12 and before leucemia i was really skinny with no boobs and flat stomach,i trained football.

On 12 when leucemia started...i become fat with man boobs and stomach...i was very frustrated and angry...i hated my body,and i was slouching my shoulders and everynoe told me to straight my posture.

I remember when i was 13,14,15 i was very embarassment on beach when i was going with family on holidar at the sea. I was slouching my shoulders often...about few years ago i accepted my boobs,i am not fat anymore...but puffy nipples still exist and i accepted that...i am planning to meet some girls on beach and swimming pool finaly....

Now i want to join to police...problem is that i have scoliosis i dont know what degree...and i am a little confused is it that in corelation with my bad posture about 10 years ago...or that it is no anyone from this forum slouching shoulders because embarassment or to "hide" man boobs?

Now i am and little dissanpointed because i diddnt accept man boobs about 10 years ago...or 8...maybe

 i was in that teeenage years when it is very hard to accept and love your body...

i remember when i was at psychiatrist on woman she told do you not love your body after all that that poor body pass(she thought on leucemia)

I am sorry if i speak poor British...because British is not my first langugage...



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Your British or English is just fine! Maybe there would be some posture exercises that you could do that would help your back. Almost everyone with gynecomastia probably walked bent over at one time or another to try to hide the man boobs even though it does not work and can retrain themselves to walk upright again.

Good luck with your future in law enforcement, I too have some experience there, and the military too.



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