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My first post disappeared as soon as I posted it so I will try again:

After looking at this site for a few months I have decided to add my bit - it may, or may not, be useful.
I have lived with gynecomastia  most of my life, chubby or slim and fit. Since puberty I have been very coy about exposing my chest which for an Australian on the beach was a major problem. Wearing a t-shirt in the water was out of the question because of the “wet t-shirt competition”look. I am sure many of you can relate to the problem. As a teenager I began to wonder what was going on and found myself dressing in my mother’s clothes as often as I could but this only added to my distress and confusion and I began to wonder if I was not meant to be male. In my 40’s I started presenting as a woman in my everyday life - my workmates accepted me, my wife detested me, my daughter avoided me and my son accepted me completely. My salary allowed me to buy the best lingerie but overall I dressed conservatively. This persisted for many years until I realised, with help, that I am simply a male with breasts. Pity!

Now I am a young 68yo with benign prostatic hyperplasia who takes Duodart to allow me to urinate properly but one of the side effects is to reduce my testosterone levels thereby giving me a breast growth spurt. Mmmm…. I have to admit that I like it! At my last visit to the local hospital urology clinic I was offered an appointment with the plastic surgeons to asses me for breast reduction surgery but I have decided to stay as I am. When I work in my garden I wear a loose top in case the neighbours come in but each time I bend over I can feel my breasts moving under my clothes so I have started wearing a bra again. I am very lucky that my wife (I remarried 10 years ago and yes, she does know my full history) does not notice things and the penny has not dropped that I am wearing a bra. As it is winter i am also able to wear one under a heavy winter jumper. I fill a B cup nicely but an uncertain about discussing it with my wife. Perversely I enjoy having breasts which calls into question the idea of gender identity. It also means that I am unable to go to swimming classes with my grand daughter.



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David, you can stand in the garage all day and you will never be a car! In other words, just because you grow breast, does not make you/us women! When we get opened up inside on the operating table we do not have female parts inside, we still can get prostate cancer, (after all, that is what you are being treated for that is increasing the size of your breast) there is much more to a woman then a pair of boobs!

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You are not old, I'll be 79 next week and I am still a kid..  
The sensitivity comes and goes, but it can be pleasantly erotic so I have never let it bother me.  My wife is more concerned about me being covered at a river or lake when we are out camping, than I am. 
As we age, many of the medications we rely on, to sustain us and maintain our vigor, complicate this issue as well. 
Grandpa Dan


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