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First of all greetings to all forum people for using their time to expose so difficult stories...

I've been a reader of this forum for so long I don't remember how much, but I would say 3 years.
I'm 19 years old, and I started dealing with gynecomastia when I was 14 years old, that time all doctors
said to me that I was only fat and I had to lost weight (all of you know that kind of MD story), in fact I was really needing to loose weight but
that time I could perfectly see that was something wrong about my chest. I used to live in a coast village with a big beach, so I was
used to go there all days in summer, I didn't miss one, so who knows what gyne can do to your self esteem can see what problem
I was facing, at same time dealing with all the same difficulties that anyone here knows, sice "slow mind destroying" day by day difficulties
and embrass to the suicidal thoughts. when I was 16 old I was much skinner than before , so the gyne was really noticeable and my
psychological condition was really catastrophic... In my country exists a free Nation Health System so after I pushed some doctors, and visited a new ones I found only one that consired my condition, all other said that was normal and it will went away, well my nipples were bigger than plastic bottle caps so you can realize that was abnormal, Since I dont have photos I must describe, i can say that my case was really puff nipples but hell! they were large... So with that last doctor I got a surgery, he did full mastectomy
Mastectomy result: My chest was really flat, amazing how much is size has reduced and he didn't take fat, my nipples were concave and looked
like two lips, the doctor said that after couple of months they would be alright, at this time I was indeed much happier than before since that only was noticeble with touch and by seeing me without a shirt... so always I dressed I was just fine.
Well I waited 2 years and nothing changed they were always in that horrible form, and yes I was still not going to the beach...
Now I got my second surgery and as impressive like it sounds they re still concave but a little bit less deep.

Yes I do not suffer from gyne anymore but I still dont get my problem resolved...

Nowadays I can have a perfect social life (sice it does not include take my shirt off), but I've lost myself in love for a girl, and yes I had her and
now I don't, and you know why... I'm still very unstable, and since I'm on University I can't keep grades positive because I'm always anxious and not focused, I try to study but is worthless... Every day that passes I get more sad...
Still got a couple of friends backing me up, I own them most of good times...
My father understand my problem, but he does not understand so well the psychological impact that envolves...

Never made a post so big but today just happened...


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good to read your story.  do you at least feel more confident about taking your shirt off than you would have before?  if you ever get to posting pics, let us know, because i don't remember seeing pics of concavity before and it would help people better understand what the issue is like.  thanks for posting. 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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