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I had gyn, especially under my nipples.  I got it from taking cheap oral steroids when I went to thailand.  I made pretty big gains while on the steroids so i didn't even notice what was happening.  When i shrunk down to normal size I still had really puffy, floppy looking nipples.  It was obviously from the extra estrogen.  I talked to a few docs and they said not to worry because it wasn't that bad.  I found it really annoying and couldn't get my mind off of it.  I'd always be feeling around and wishing it would go away.  Finally I read a few articles at and some on wikipedia to find out about my options and made up my mind to undergo surgery.  Mine wasn't considered too bad as far as cases go, but I feel a lot better now that I got my surgery.  I only needed liposuction since it really was just fat under the nipples.  Have any of you had a similar experience?  Are there any complications down the road or does it sound like I'm in the clear.  My surgery was about a month ago.  Thanks


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The road ahead should be clear.

The greatest cause for concern in mid to late life would come from medications. There are lists of medications which list Gynecomastia as a possible side effect. I think Dr. Bermant has such a list on his site.

In most cases, there would be an alternative medication and this is something you should discuss with your primary care Dr. Your list would need to be updated from time to time to include newer drugs etc.

There is very little reason to be concerned about regrowth from other causes.

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