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Hey people.... first time poster. Wahoo.

Ive had breasts as long as I can remember. Videos of me as a little kid, about two years old, cleary show the beginings of breasts under my tshirt. (Can you develop this condition as an infant? I heard somewhere you can but most stories tell of  it developing during adolescence if not after.) Anyway, I have had it all my life I can remember, and I am now 16, and my chest is the same as always.

Looking at pictures from the internet, my breasts are not as large as some peoples, and not as small as some others. I'm pretty much in the middle. Its noticeable somewhat under a shirt, especially if I am walking into a wind.

My condition is not to due to weight, I am pretty sure. I am a big build, I play Rugby often (similar to American Football) and I am taller than almost all my friends. I am however not overweight at all, I have no paunch and a pretty much flat stomach. However due to my large build most people who know of my breasts tie it down to me being fat, regardless of the whether I actually am or not.

My parents know of my breasts, but like most they think it is just excess fat which can be burned off. I thought the same until I learned of the condition, so about a year ago I joined a gym with my father. Its done great things for my fitness, and I go regularly but my breasts remain. I have read now excersize most often has no effect, I learned this first hand.

The condition is crippling when it comes to self-confidence. I feel often embarrased or awquard in social situations, with people I know or not. I cannot look anyone in the eye, not even my parents as I get very embarressed and have to look away. I hate being shirtless, even on my own. I dont own a single tight-fitting piece of clothing and I feel inadequate and not normal constantly. I also feel selfish about feeling bad, as I could have numbers of awful diseases, whereas all Gynecomastia really is is cosmetic. But nonetheless, I feel awful about it most of the time.

As I am only 16, I am presuming I am too young to ahve the corrective surgery, but I was wondering if any of you knew about what age I would be able to have it. I have had my breasts all my life and cannot wait to have a flat chest like most people.

My other question is this. I live in England, and am slightly at a loss as to who I would go to for this surgery. If any of you guys are English and have had succesful surgery, I would be very greatful to know how you went about getting it done, other details and the like.

Any info would be much appreciated, thanks a lot. And sorry for the length >_>

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no apology necessary, many have been much longer and they've still been good reads.  you're talking to people who know how it is.  and yes you can get it even in infancy, it's rarer but reportedly could be tied to dairy hormones or similar sorts of influences.  

visit the uk find a surgeon board off the main board, which includes lengthy discussions of specific surgeons as well as dealing with the nhs versus private.  

was that last emoticon supposed to be gyne?  too funny if it was.  welcome.  
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* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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Hi Sam:

No need for appologies. You have come to group of people with great hearts and always eager to help others. Welcome abord.

As my last friend says, check on UK forum. Trying to go through all posting and you will hear the experience of others from UK as well as good recommandation of doctors. If not, just post a thread in Uk "Looking for good doctor in UK or Area". Sure, someone will come to you.

Good Luck.
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Surgery done on Sept 6th, 2006 with Dr. Fielding - Toronto. Not 100% cured but will get there for sure !!!

Revision done on December 7th, 2007. Let's hope for best !!!

Dr. Fielding
Suite #401, 2425 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Tel: 416.766.88


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