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Surgery is a very distant memory for me. I am 55 and had surgery when I was about 15. I am new to the site but I am sure I can relate to every story told. Had to put up with the harassment in gym class. Finally told my mother I had knee pains just to get in to see the doctor. After I told him about it he called my mother in and made me pull up my shirt and show her. I didn't like that at all. She was upset that I had gone through all the bs and didn't tell her about it.I was fortunate though because she worked in the medical field and found the best doctor for my surgery. My father also worked in the auto industry so we had good insurance. Even though I had the surgery to this day I am still selfconsious when I have my shirt off.


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how were your results from surgery? was it done buy a plastic surgeon? do you feel self conscious due to the way you look or just habitually ?


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