Author Topic: just had massive surgery with full blown man boobs ganna share my story!  (Read 1935 times)

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Wassup guys new to this site never made an account before surgery but this site helped me a lot. Only seen a couple people wit issue like mines maybe 2 but I jus had surgery 2day I. Had massive gyne n I lost weight used to be 250 now 187 so my gyne started to hang down lmao so I had removal of skin and relocation of the nipple and u kno the rest lipo and all dat so bassicaly I was told on Tuesday they'll remove my drains and ill finally see my chest so on Tuesday ill take a pic and do a before and after..I'm doing this so people like me who had really bad gyne can see how changes woulld look like mine was so bad that my insurance even coverd it lol so I jus hope everything goes good see u guyz again on Tuesday any haters out there who wuld try to make fun of me  u allready kno wat u can do take a glock n blow ur brains out lol n I doubt y'all meet up wit me for the fade so jus dnt do it lol..and ill ask answer any question I can so jus ask away! Bye now


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lol, i don't think their will be any haters on this site and  you won't be able to fade for the next 6 weeks but congrats on your surgery brotha. keep us posted and don't forget those pics!

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We have no idea how many visit without ever signing in. It is not really important. The only thing that is important is that you did get help.

Grandpa Dan


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