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trying to get some info can you help??
Two specialists disagree, one says I have gyna and one not. Have had a lump and a small sist  drained from my right boob, boobs have a nagging pain in particular the one with the sist drained . Pain is eased a lot by using support ( comes and goes). Cant stand any more prodding, bloods ok but was diagnosed glucose intolerance some time ago , no cancer diagnosed but the specialists agree I should support to ease nagging despite no firm clinical diagnosis.
Boobs quite big, using a bra helps a lot and is embarrassing but the lesser evil, support as suggested helps a lot.
Anyone with a similar story? Does feel strange not to have a clinical diagnosis, specialists disagreeing but at the same time told to use support.
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I think you mean a cyst rather than a sist.

I cannot relate to the problem of having a cyst in the breast. but I can relate to the differing opinions of doctors. I actually know of one Doctor who refuses to call male breast enlargement Gynecomastia unless there is actually a physical disease present. Whe he has been for the last 2000 years is beyond me.

Support can be a great comfort if the breasts are rather large. There are several brands of compression shirts that may be of help. Sometimes an athletic Bra will help not only with support but perhaps with concealment if one is careful to get one that has broad, flat straps and no hooks. Be careful of the colors as a flesh tone garment is the easiest to conceal under normal clothing. Conventional bras can be comfortable, but they tend to accent the breasts rather than conceal them.

Getting a proper fit in a bra is problematic becaust the male chest is very different from a female chest. For example: The breasts are spaced much further apart in the male. meaning that the cups are often too close together. The taper of the chest from top to bottom is different.
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