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well, i accidently stumbled upon this site but i really think i needed to find this place. ive never shared my story with anyone, not even my own family, because i'm so self conscience of what they might think, and scared at the fact that they wont understand what i go through.

right now im 20, turning 21 in 2 months, and ive had gynecomastia since i was in the fifth grade.  i dont remember seeing them grow, i just remember one day looking down my shirt as i wiped sweat from my eyebrow, seeing the triangular petrusions from my chest, and saying "oh my god, i have boobs." i had to take a few glances back because i couldnt believe what i was seeing! kind of funny in a way...

i remember kids making fun of me going through middle school, changing for PE or soccer practice. and i would dread the day i was called to be on the skins team. going to pool parties or going on the lake with friends to go tubing was so nerve wrecking. it got so bad that my eighth grade year, i would tape down my nipples with masking tape so you couldnt see them through my shirt. it actually worked believe it or not haha. soon after, under armour became my best friend, and i wore a fresh pair everyday up until i was a sophomore in high school.

the funny thing was that i was so skinny! honestly i was so bony it was sickening, but i still had boobs. i didnt understand. i cant even tell you how many times i went to bed crying as a kid.

i NEVER took my shirt off if i didnt have to, like for wrestling in high school or changing in the gym, but to make things harder, it's been my life long dream since i was 9 years old to become a professional wrestler. like the guys you see on tv in the skimpy tights, like hogan, macho man, and the rock. (by the way, the rock had gyne surgery ;) ) and right now i am actually on my pathway to fulfilling that dream as i'm an independent wrestler working all over the states! i love it with a passion. hearing the crowd boo or yell for me is the best feeling ever.

its all good until it comes to the point where i have to take my shirt off after my entrance. i wear a shirt to the ring so my breasts arent flopping everywhere. but yeah, i take it off anyway, and all i feel are hundreds of peoples eyes staring at my chest. kind of embarrassing. i know i could wrestle with a shirt on or even a singlet but the tights i have are the ones my idols wore, the trunks aka man-kinis.

as of now, im 20 years old, 210 lbs, 6'1 and my body is in GREAT shape except for my flabby chest. its so weird and i really dont understand it.

my friend who is also a pro wrestler just recently got his gynecomastia surgery and he told me he feels better than he ever has mentally and physically.

i want that. i wanna know what it feels like to wake up every morning and be confident. i wanna know what is like to go to the beach without someone saying something about me. i wanna know what its like to go to my closet and pick out anything i want to wear and not have to worry if my nips show through, or if my sideboob looks like a chick.

i think this is the year im gonna do it and save up for the surgery. hopefully its not too much dough, but whatever the amount im willing to pay and make this change. it's time for me to excel in the pro wrestling biz and to get a contract to where ive always wanted to be, the WWE, and achieve my life long goal of main eventing WrestleMania.

thanks for letting me share this, like i said before ive never been able to tell anyone anything about this. this is my first time publicly saying these things.


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Welcome to the forum!  Here, you will find many sympathetic brothers, all of whom have a story about the miseries that gyne brings to one's life.  Feel free to ask questions and you will receive honest answers.

From your story, it sounds like you have had your gyne for a long time.  In situations similar to yours, surgery remains the only option for permanent improvement.  If you opt for surgery, do your research carefully and choose a plastic surgeon who has a strong interest and demonstrated expertise in gyne surgery.

Good luck -- hope to see you in Wrestlemania some day -- without a shirt!!

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i feel your pain brotha. we all do. welcome! im going in for surgery tomorrow and it took time and hard work but you can make it happen! if i can anyone can! this site will help man i promise. your not alone. if you need a pick me up or people to talk to this place is the best. good luck with everything bro!!!!!

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dude, our story sounds almost identical. im 21 and i know exactly how youve felt the years. i did the same exact thing with the tape over the nipples.
i just had surgery 3 days ago and im already super happy with my results. SUPER HAPPY.
you need to go for it man. save up or somehow get it covered by insurance. i got mine covered by insurance, if i can get mine covered then so can you.
good luck bro


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