Author Topic: i've had this for ten yrs i'm afraid of the medication Genox  (Read 1665 times)

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hey this is my first time on here, i've had Gynecomastia since i was about 13 i'm 23 now and it really effects everything in my life. I live on the Gold Coast so everyone of my friends and family love the beach. For the past ten years i've been to docters an hospitals, most of them have sent me away saying it will go away. i just wanted to find out if anyone else has been given the medication GENOX by the docter. i've been taking it for the past yr and it has been working but i'm still unhappy with the result and am afraid off the side effects it might have in future years. i'm glad i found this site so i don't feel so alone.
the other thing is that i am skinny and just have the huge puffy nipples does anyone else have this and have they done anything to get rid of them.


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As i'm sure someone else will tell you, pills do not work.

If it is just fat in your chest, then these pills may break down that fat, but again thats not definate. Teh chances are you'll have some gland in your chest, meaning the only true way to get rid of it would be surgery...

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It will not go away on its own. Find a plastic surgeon that specializes in this type of surgery.

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