Author Topic: Is it possible to play moderate sports 4 weeks post-op  (Read 1592 times)

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I'm getting to be a frequent "poster" on this forum lol. Everyone's insight is extremely appreciated. I am a fairly active person and play on a competitive men's Volleyball team. I'm the team's main setter and of course it is one of THE most important positions. My team has been on a losing streak without me on the court. I feel bad that I had to make up a lie, due to the fact that I had surgery. I was embarrassed to tell them why I couldn't play, because I know what the outcome would have been since I put the team together (aka Team Captain).
Anyways, long story short...I told them I would play next week (Nov. 5th). This is just a day longer than the 4 week mark post-op. I still feel a little sore, but have been doing light stretches as well as massage daily. I do however, wake up every morning feeling pretty sore (any thoughts)? I'm obligated to get back on the court, fortunately I will see my PS this Friday (Oct. 30th). I'm know he can provide me the best answer(s), but I would like to hear what other peoples thoughts are?
FYI, I have minimal swelling/bruising only 2.5 weeks post-op and can already stretch (raise arms completely over my head, with minimal soreness), and I can massage deeply with minimal soreness, etc...


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I had my gastric sleeve in Turkey and after 6 weeks I started some sports as my doctor recommended me. I think it depends from case to case

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I'm no doctor but I would think doing explosive sports like volleyball would be a bad iea. I started doing some very light weight lifting after 4 weeks and didn't start serious weight lifting until almost 3 months had passed. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Maybe you should pose that question to someone like your surgeon who is the expert in your situation  rather than a forum with a bunch of wannabe experts, present company included.  You paid the surgeon a lot of money and you solicit the opinion of posters you don't know, will never know and at the end of the day don't give a tinkers damn about anyone other than themselves.  I think you should go out and play and run the very real.risk of tearing the still mending tissue apart. Yup, I think that would be a swell idea. NOT. 
 Surgeons don't perform free do overs because of patients no compliance and corrective do overs are just that corrective and results are always less than ideal. 


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