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Well, there isn't much to say. I'm 17 years old (almost 18) and i'm from Buenos Aires Argentina. My case is mixed gyne, that is to say that i have some gland and some fat. It's not a severe case but it has still bodered me since i'm 15 or so, and i went to a surgean for the first time this summer, on january. She is +50 years old and one of the heads of surgery in my country and handles more than 50 cases of gyne a year, so i'm pretty sure she'll do an exelent work. Luckily, i think the surgery will be covered by my medical ensurance.

I've been reading this forum for the last couple of weeks and i hope i learn more about this subject before my surgery takes places.
I would also like to inform about my case and how it advances, so that you can give me your opinion and if there is any study or something missing.
So far, i only had one visit to my surgeon and she said that i should do the following:
1- Blood test for hormonal pourpose
2- Visit to an endo with the test results to see what he says
3-Quirugic risks study (cardiology, etc)
4- Going back to her with my results and get a date for surgery if i'm a candidate.

I hope i get the surgery before july so the swelling and marks will have dissapeared for summer.
I think there's nothing missing... don't know if it's of any use but i'm 1.80 metres and i weight 70, so i hope this comes in favour when the time to aprove the surgery costs comes.

I understand the lenght of the post so i won't get mad if you jumped from the first paragraph to this one :).


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Hello Finrod,
A surgeon who encouraged you to see an endo? That's good.  My PS said I too should see a cardiologist and get my heart checked, stress test..etc....
Good luck, looks like you've found a pro (50+ gyne's per year).
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(forgive a quick technical note: quirugic = surgical, and for us backward people in the states not yet on the SI/metric system, 1.80m/70kg = about 5'11/155lbs.)  

everything your dr talked about sounds normal, and no, your post was not in any way long.  

suerte, amigo y cosofridor, esperemos mas noticias :)  
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* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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Che, boludo!  Bienvenidos!

Let us know how it goes.  Eat healthy and get to the gym in the meantime.

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Uhhhh que placer encontrar compatriotas  ;D .

A question for everybody. Today i picked up the test that my ps told me to do and the ones i'm supposed to take to the endo next week (actually i have appointments with two different endos to get at least two opinions) and the thing is that it's not what i though it was. It's just something about hemoglobine and i cant's see what the endo can do with that info.

My question is, what are the specified blood studies i should tell my endos to write me down to do ?? Testosterone levels and strogen levels?? What are the specific names of the blood studies???

pd: My quirurgic risk studies went great, i'm a perfect candidate for the operation.

pd2: Spleen, sos de arg??? en caso de que si, de que parte??


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