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First of all I want to start by saying that finding this site today has changed my life. I'm 21 and have been ashamed of my problem since I was a little kid. I won't bore you with the whole story cause everyone else has sort of nailed it on the head :)
  I'm not as severe as most but like everyone else it severly effects my self Image. To go into the severity, all through middle school I used to tape my nipples down with masking tape. It started out as an experiment in 6th grade and became an everday thing. I did it everyday for years. My nipples would start blistering and even bleeding but I woukd reposition it and keep doing it. Around high school I just stoped. I never took off my shirt even after working out severly and getting in good shape. I was doing a show in high school and I had to take off my shirt. I worked out everyday and it didn't make a difference . I did the show and people aven told me I looked good. But I can't seem to get the voices of name callers out of my head. And I still can't wear a shirt without feeling uncomfortable. I have become obsesed with working out ( to the piont of unhealthy). Now that I see that others have the same problem I feel that I may find a healthy aprouch to deeling with my problem.
       My areola area is still soft and feels like fat. I'm young still. Can anyone tell me if there is any hope in finding a medicinal cure for my condition. Either way what's the first step, who do I see?


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hi, please dont feel ashamed, what have you to be ashamed of? mind has gone blank now, i read what you wrote and i felt so sad to think that you could feel that way and my heart goes out to you. and i wanted to say so much ......yet all i can say is read my thread (or some say board) on a womans side....i know it hurts, i know some narrow minded people say some horrible things, but its what you are on the inside that counts, and an inner beauty shines in your eyes .... through your sole..... never NEVER be ashamed of who you this board to find help and even answers as i have done to help my lovely man whome i love very much, and whithin it you will also find men who have either taken surgery, or have just accepted.....but men who will help you, and although there is not many women on will find me too .......take care

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people who call gyne guys names aren't worth your time thinking about.  
there's no medicinal cure, if it's bad enough that you want to deal with it, the option is surgery, 3-6k or so depending on how bad and where you are, and make sure the guy's done gyne before.  congrats on finding the board.  
* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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First off, not one person male or female has a flawless form. Everyone has some imperfection(s) i.e. glasses, braces, baldness excessive weight, moles etc...

The mere fact that you have pronounced nipples does not make you indifferent, as you are among millions of men who do as well. To me, indifferent is something rarely if at all that occurs. How indifferent is it that there are enough men with gyno to equal the population of NYC?. Like no one has seen a guy with boobs before?

At first, I encountered ridicule and cruel jokes for having teen-age girl size breasts with pert nipples that jutted out through my shirts. I felt naked in front of my classmates and my humility seemed uncomparable with the nickname "Nipple Boy" attached to me. It got old and my AT-breast-UDE (punt intended) changed. I started to like the attention being payed to me. My "Boobies" became a part of my persona like Dolly Parton's. You get the gist of it....Once I made peace with myself and accepted ALL of me, seeing myself as unique, my classmates embraced me likewise -- the teasing stopped -- because it no longer upset me, I would feed off it and it left them dumb-founded.

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and no one will be able to get under it. Baffle them not with your breast size, but your smarts. Make em feel dumb -- like kids often act, and they'll shut up.

Keep coming back for support and let us know how you're doing.

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