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At first sorry for my eglish . Im afraid from surgerry .. Im feeling i will die .. I want to know this surgerry cause deth ???


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No need to worry my friend. Try to relax and not be nervous. Try to think of the final results and that you will be much happier. You are in good hands.
I am 4 weeks post surgery and so so happy with everything.

All the best.


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Ty25 is right, no need to worry, I'm looking at probably having my 8th surgery, 3rd back, this summer. I've never had gyne surgery, but two of mine have been total knee replacement, and as I said two back and one lasting 9 hours. The others were minor.

You will be in a very controlled setting with very well trained professionals! Any surgery can have complications, but this isn't heart heart surgery. Any surgery has the risk of infection which is probably the worse risk in this surgery.

You are in danger driving a car, crossing the street, climbing a ladder, walking up or down stairs, the list goes on!

You will be fine!


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Hey man!

As long as you do your research and choose a surgeon who performs in an accredited surgery center, you should be fine. Just make sure you follow their orders.

I have heard, some surgeon perform surgeries in their office on a chair similar to dentist chair with a help of couple assistants. I would avoid those.

Good luck!


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Th for all . Im very happy . I did it last night . Now im without big breasts .. I eill enjoy the moment .. Th for all for replaying me


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That was quick! :D

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Many years ago the great comic Bob Hope put surgery in its proper perspective.  "Any surgery they perform on me is major," he said.  "If they do it on someone else, then it is minor."  I think we all feel that way.

The truth is that there is a small risk for all procedures but the risk for this kind of procedure is very small. The only Caveat is that you should have a properly certified cosmetic surgeon.
Grandpa Dan


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