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Hello everyone,

I have to say, I'm speechless. I've had pretty big "boobs" since I was about 13. It hasn't been a great supressor of my confidence, but it has effected me some. I was never a drinker or a drug user, and I can't dance to save my life! Socially, it hasn't really been a problem.

I found this web site, and information today on a whim. My girlfriend and I were talking about my other medical conditions (I suffer from painful stomach spasms) and she asked me if I ever spoke to my doctor about my glandular problems. My reply was "I don't have glandular problems" to which she smiles and said "Honey, I love you with all my heart, but you have a rack like no man I have ever seen. THAT is a glandular thing."

This led us to talk about it possible treatments, and I hit the web, and found this place!! I can't believe it.

I have many stories to tell about this, and I hope some of the younger guys who are as afflicted as I am might take heart. I have considered surgery many times, but I come from a poor family, and have never made more than $12 an hour myself. Until recently that is, now I am making a much better living so it's become an option for me.

On to the stories. I'll start in high school, with the bullies and gym glass.

I have always dressed in baggy clothing, walked with shoulders forward to try and hide them.

WIND has been my enemy many times! Nothing more embarrassing than walking into the wind and having your comfortable bagging clothes get pushed up against your body to expose that fact that you're tyring to hide these huge breasts. But still, I have made an effort not to let this cloud my self esteem. It was alwasy important to me to be proud of who I am, not matter what.

In high school I even used to wear tight clothing under the baggy stuff to try and push them down. But, most days I just took a "this is who I am" attitude to having them. I even played on the 'skins" team in high school gym. I just wasn't afraid to take my shirt off. I wasn't advertising them either.

I was made fun of once in gym by a bully, and I broke his nose for it. I got in big trouble for this, but he never made fun of me again - no one did. He actually apologized a few weeks later and so did I for hitting him.  We became friends, I know that's cliche. He was killed in the first Iraq war. We had not really communicated for years though, but he's one of those people who I could not speak to for 10 years, and the second we saw each other again, it was like no time had passed.

High School was a rough time for many reasons, the "gyn" (I still can't get over this is a medical condition) made the breasts bigger as I got older. Now, at 33 I am at my heaviest, and they are a bit out of control. I am getting back to exercising now, and am once again seriously considering surgery.

I have been with the same woman for nearly ten years. We were friends in high school, and our families go way back. Now, my girl kind of digs them, yes in a sexual way. I'm not ashamed to say that it is a turn on for her. This isn't bragging, it took me a while to let that happen, and it's not really a turn on for me beyond her enjoying it.

I am not comfotable with them, and have become used to the business of avoiding them, and trying to keep attention away from them. Just today I spent my first day out in a regular T-shirt with no button up over it. I was a bit self conscious at first, but eventually just stopped caring because it was a warm day, and I didn't want to wear two shirts.

I figured at the worst, someone would say something to me, no one ever does though. The thought is also there that maybe I'd give someone a funny story to tell. "I saw this guy in Wal-Mart today with a huge set of . . ." continue joke from there :)

I also wanted to share, after reading this website over, I decided to start my own yahoo group for those of you who might want to join, and post pictures, I know photo bucket and other web based photo hosts can be problematic, so this is an option for you. Here is the link.

I also just wanted to say thank you to whomever started this website. I feel so educated and better about things. I know it is also a cliche to say it's a nice feeling to know I am not alone in the world.



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I've got to consider myself lucky to have not believed what everyone tells me - that if I keep dieting and losing weight, that they'll go away - and to have found this site at 19.
Now to save money! :)
Facing what consumes you is the only way to be free!

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I hated wind too man, although sometimes when it would it my back it would push my shirt foward and hide my Gyne even better.

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Bright shirts with jazzy designs on them.  Shirts with two flap pockets on the chest.  Dark shirts.  Heavy shirts.  Two shirts.  Etc.  But one thing that never ever occurred to me was tape or big bandaids.  Until I read that suggestion in this site.  I'm not doing it, but it's funny that in decades of living with gyne I never thought of it.  Duh.

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Wind is horrible. I find myself walking with my right hand tucked under my shirt to keep it from pushing against me showing off my breasts.

Doesn't work but it makes me more comfortable even if it is a little embarrasing to have to keep my shirt pulled away from my body. :(

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Welcome to the site! It's a good thing your gyne has not effected you as bad as it did many others here.. Cudos!

And if they bother you alot, then get them removed. I'm sure your girlfriend will understand (understand getting them REMOVED, man you are one lucky guy finding girls like this)  ;)


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