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ok well.....Its been like months since i visited this site and before i get to the TOPLESS SHOW part please let me give you some back story.  I'm 22, 6'2 190 and have the gyno.  i wont go into how much it sucks since you all know that.  I'm maybe a (mid case) meaning not huge bra wearing but also not small stuff like i see on some pictures where I dont really notice it and would pay to have little ones.  so, no t shirts, but at least i stand up straighter now... I'm sure like some of you in middleschool i walked with my shoulders forward and it took yearts to get over that.  Ok i'm a singer and was in a university musical where the girls wore their underwear( :onice)t and the guys had to wear only boxers :-[ for 2 scenes.  CAN U imagine hat.  lets just say it sucked. thank goodness most guys in the show were kinda chunky.  I got through it by doing the whole pinch nipple to make em hard and puffed up chest to make myself look buff.  this kinda worked cause I'm tall and proportionit so i'm not lanky.  but that show seemed like the last straw.  I havent been to a pool in like 10 years, cant take the shirt off around people, ect..  I was 212 then lost weight to get to 190 but still have fat up their and puffies.  i just got number 997 from underworks today...and almost killed myself getting it on I'm wearing it now and its great but i almost passed out getting it on.  
I want surgery but I'd rather just have to the nipple part without the lypo because i can stay awake during the surgery.  one thing is money its a cheaper surgery.  And I had a friend of the family be put under for something simple and is now a vegtable.  Also my mom has a history of almost dying under anistesia(spelled wrong).  Has anyone just had the nipple part without the lypo even if they kinda needed it and was still happy? cause i know with lypo you need to be put under cause the doctor can work better not chacking if your comfortable all the time.  at least thats what a couple doctors told me like a year ago.  because honestly when my nips are really hard and smaller i like and feel if they were like that I'd be fine enough to take the shirt off inpublic even if the fat is still there, my build makes the fat kinda look like muscle.  Any comments, thoughts .....suggestions?


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Many people on this board have had excision only (no lipo) under local anesthesia only, and had no complaints.

There are even a few people who had lipo AND excision under local anesthesia and also had no problems. So long as you are not squeamish, you should be fine.

You should definitely meet with a PS to discuss your options. Make sure to mention your mom's reaction to anesthesia, as it is very possible yours would be similar. When I was going in for my op, my mom was with me, and the anesthetist asked my mom if she had ever had any bad reaction to anesthesia. My mom had been under before, and had no problems at all... and I was the same.

You should also look in to the "twilight" method (local + sedation). Do a search on this board.

Good luck.


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