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I am 35 years old and have lived with this problem from high school.....seems like forever 'breasts' developed in high school, and since a most embarrasing day when i got picked on the 'skins' team (shirts vs skins in soccer), I have pretty much not taken my shirt off in public since then.

I initially accepted living with the condition, and got into the whole loose shirts/striped shirts/ bulky clothes to hide them. I developed the 'slump' in the shoulders to hide them as well. I even found myself gaining weight around my midsection in an attempt to not let them seem so obvious.

Time passed, and in my late 20's I did go to a plastic surgeon who advised that my condition could be corrected. Being afraid of surgury, I  left it alone and more time passed.

Over the past 3 years though I have developed a more healthy lifestyle, and my pauch has steadily been reduced. Problem was, as the rest of my body got leaner and more trim, the more my breasts stuck out...or really the more conscious of them I became. After being at 215 - 220lbs for a long time, I was now down to 195-200 and a 31 waist...not perfect, but the best I ever been.

After due consideration, and consulting with my wife...I got married last year...I said to hell with it, and went back to the same doctor and scheduled the surgury for April 1st this year.

So far all has gone well. The dressing should come off this week, and from what I can see when they have changed the dressing so far, I should have done this 10 years ago!!!!Even with the bandages on, my chest is much flatter than it was before.

From the look so far, I will be 'NORMAL', which is the only thing I wanted all these years.

For all you guys that are thinking about the surgury option, my advice is to DO IT. The procedure goes by very quickly, and involves relatively little pain....lots of anxiety....but little pain. Most pain is after, and I found the area ached...guess where stuff was removed....not agonizing pain...certainly bearable...just rest up for 2 weeks with the remote handy. I went back to work after 1 1/2 weeks...desk job of course..and with the badages on no-one knew...just told them i hurt my back,so I can't move around too much, and no-one paid me any mind.

As I said, all I wanted was to be normal, and I think you guys want that as well.

Go for it.



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