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My story is likely no different than most of yours. Mother nature decided to wreck my life just about the time I entered high school and had to start showering with the other boys in gym class. Trust me, I heard it all. People asking me where my bra was, asking me if I had a sex change, calling me "bitch" or "man breasts," calling me a faggot, you name it they did it. Even my own dad told me that I need to start working out so I lose my "girl chest." I was an embarrasment to him. I've come home from school and stuck my dad's shotgun in my mouth and just held it there for almost an hour trying to muster the courage to put a shell in and pull the trigger. I used to cry myself to sleep and ask God why He did this to me.

Now I'm married to a fantastic woman and for the most part my life is good. I'm not overweight or particularly ugly, I'm just a normal kinda guy. Still, I am 33 years old and have NEVER ONCE in my entire life been to the beach. I haven't been swimming since I was about 10 years old. I wear baggy t-shirts underneath an unbuttoned overshirt year round no matter the weather. I am not exaggerating in any way shape or form when I say there is not a MINUTE of my life that goes by that I'm not thinking about my man breasts. I look at myself in the mirror and I want to throw up. I grab my chest and push it up and imagine what I would look like if I was normal like everybody else.

But that's not the real reason I'm writing this post.

No. Today I visited this website for the first time hoping to find a connection with other men who, like me, have been cursed with this horrible affliction. I made the mistake of going to the 'post your pictures' forum first to see how I stacked up (so to speak) with the rest of you folks. Well let's just say I feel much much worse now than I did 15 minutes ago. Compared to most of you guys I've got a couple of real hooters. I would kill somebody to have my horribly deformed body look as good as some of your "before" pictures. I know now more than ever what a monster I am.

Now here's the part where I do something about it.

I don't make or have alot of money, and I have no idea what the surgery is going to cost me, but I am going to finally have it done. I have about $1500 saved up and probably another $1000 at my disposal on my credit cards. If that's not enough then I'm going to sell something; my car, my motorcycle, I don't care. If that's still not enough then I'm going to sell EVERYTHING. Nothing else matters to me at this point. My goal is to be rid of these horrible man breasts within the next 3 months no matter what.


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Great story man, and I feel for you. But don't lose hope. There are som great surgeons out there, who turns peoples lives to the better, every day. Most of us here have been through exactly the same stages as you, and we can associate to your story. I'm glad you finally found this site, seeing as it's full of data and other stories. Most of us here are in the same boat.

Best of luck man, and keep us updated how your journey goes!

Kind regards,


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i have had a similar time mate since i was 13 . the ridicule from family and friends and the awkward situations . since i had the op last year ive spent a considerable amount of time going over the last 20 something years and all the things and times ive missed . life is too short , go for it is my advice.

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 if or when you do decide to have the op , everything will be better and you can then begin to pigeon hole all the unhappinness you have had to endure . its a kind of healing process . its funny but i dont feel angry about what ive had to go through to get here although its been a big chunk of my life . instead im trying to look forward not backward . yesterday i wore a top that ive had a couple of years and i wore it without anything over the top . things like that are still hard to come to terms with . i still have to remind myself that i dont have to wear 3 or 4 vests or undergarments . it will take time and it feels quite liberating . i still have some excess skin but im hoping things will improve a little more . im going to join a gym , i spent yours exercising but completley fruitless , so im hoping this time round will be more rewarding .good luck with yours friend .

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Go for it man, sell whatever it takes to get the surgery done, your life will be so much better that you will likely end up earning more money, cause you will have so much more self confidence.

God Bless you, keep us informed as to what happens. Dont let ANYTHING OR ANYBODY, including your wife, stand in your way. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that the people that hold you bakc most in life are those that love you the most. They are the ones afraid of you changing. Go for it.


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I was an embarrasment to him.

Same here dude...  :-\     Think I still am to this day...   :'(

Thanks for sharing your story...  ;)

What country do you live?

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hang in there man. it'll all be worth it.
i had my surgery in november 07 and i've never felt better.


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