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My story goes as follows, I am a guy who has always worked out and had a great body, always been fit, six pack, the whole nine, I started modeling a year and a half ago, (by the way I dont care about being grammatically correct).  After a couple photoshoots I noticed a severely slight bulge by my nipples.  Thats is when I started feeling my chest and dep down I felt a hardness. I had absolutely no clue whatsoever what it was.  I had taken steroids once in my life but that was a while ago in my past, but I had always taken Testosterone boosters from GNC(oh I will be naming names! lol) I took Universal Animal Stak and T-bomb, I also smoked weed every now and then.  I'm being honest here cuz I know there a ton of you out there like me, so anyways...From January last year 04' I started becoming aware of the problem more and more and it slowly but surely started getting worse and worse, I was flipping out because here I am with one of the top modeling agencies in the world (that will go unmentioned, ha) and now I got this BS.  My days consisted of going to casting everday sometimes three or four a day and I'd walk in a room and theyd say take your shirt off, now for those of you with the problem can you imagine that???!!!! Mentally this past year I became obsessed with getting rid of it, I was like hell no am I accepting this shit.  Now keep in mind I'm not like many guys with it cuz I havent had it since my teens, I was 23 last year and the recent onset of it made me ok mentally and stuff, but it is even harder if you've had a normal chest your whole life, and then one year its bam! slowly but surely getting worse, it got to its worst around june, I had stopped ALL supplements and weed smoking in hopes it'd go away, every doctor I saw said it would probably go away.  But I know my damn body and I never believed once that it would actually go away, everyday I hoped it would, I was obsessed, constantly looking at it in the mirror, constantly feeling the lumps, people would always tell me to stop messing with it.  I was mentally fucked, completely fixated on it.  I completely lost my confidence and I didn't take my shirt off at all last summer, I stopped working out, I became very depressed over it, so I sympathize and relate and my heart goes out to the guys who've had it for way longer.  So anyways after thoroughly searching the internet for remedies, EVERYSINGLE day and night , ha, I found taking tamoxifen might help puch the extra estrogen out and reduce my lumps.  I went to like 3 endocronologists, and none of them felt ok prescribing me tamoxifen for gyno, everyone told me to wait, I had tests done checking out all the possibilties, and I was fine, healthy everywhere, testosterone levels, hormones, everything was fine.  Also my nipples were extremely puffy and hurt badly, jupming and running hurt, I had the nipple burning when I ran too.  Finally in August I got a friend of the family doctor to prescribe me tamoxifen to see if it'd help, he said he'd give me two months.  I didn it and the only real help it did was relieve my pain, but the lumps NEVER went away.  Forget testosterone gels and hormoone medicine, none of that crap works!!!  So then after two months I even ordered tamoxifen online to do more months to see if it'd help but then I realized that the whole reason I had this damn crap was because I stupidly but things in my body that were harmful.  So I realized that tamoxifen wasn't worth the risk considering its effects in men long term are undetermined.  I did'nt want to make the same mistake and put something in my body that could possibly harm me.  So then I just decided my modeling career was over, cuz even in clothes I felt self conscious, you could always see my nips poking through.  I wanted to get surgery and I went to a plastic surgeon and applied twice to get my insurance to cover it, they said NO. Finally I realized there was no way I'd be able to accept this and I'd go mad if I did'nt get it the hell outta my body. So I wrote my parents who are the best parents in the whole world, seriously, they are, I wrote them and email with pictures of my chest in its worst form and pleaded to them that I was desparate.  Emotionally mentally, and even financially cuz it was prohibiting me from being able to model and make money.  They called me up with the best news in over a year, they agreed to pay for it for me!!!  I felt so guilty making them pay for it becuz I think it is so expensive and I obtained it through my own stupidity and mistake of taking drugs to boost my testosterone.  But all guys growing up want to look good and muscular and it was a lesson learned, I will NEVER put anything in my body again like that.  So I did my homework and went to 4 different surgeons researching and asking questions, cuz if I was gonna do it and be happy I knew it was vital to find the best damn surgeon for me.  Well I found out from this website about Dr. Elliot Jacobs, who is an EXPERT at treating gyno in men and treats each person individually based on there condition, and the other surgeons I went to were honest and told me he was the man to go to, becuz he performs so many of them a year, he even has special instruments he created just to get the best results.  Well once I bokked my surgery date which was about a month and a half away I was psyched and excited to say the least, knowing I'd have my old chest back again soon prompted me to start working out again and for a month and a half I was an animal in the gym, all natural, I seriously packed on muscle and got ripped these past 5 weeks, I was so psyched to be able to take my shirt off in no shame so I wanted the rest of my bosy looking good too.  Well my surgery was 10 o clock this morning, and boy oh boy am I glad I researched surgeons cuz it was so smooth and easy.  I wasn't nervous at all because I was so excited to finally be having it taken care of, a whole year of mentally agonizing was ending.  The anethesiologist but and IV in my vein, I was put to sleep, next thing I knew I was awak and it was all done!  They but a vest or binder, on me, and I had absolutely ZERP pain whatsoever.  He lipoed me from the sides and had to make small incisions under my nipples to get the hard tissue that couldnt be sucked out .  He assured me that it was a complete succes and that he removes absolutely all of the breast tissue, he also reduced my nipples as well.  He told me my chest would be as flat as a board, minus my diesel pectorals of course LOL...I got home and felt fine, I had no nausea whatsover, I hate a ton of food because you must fast before surgery and I didnt vomit I felt fine!  I havent even taken ANY of the painkillers yet because I have NO PAIN.  I am so overjoyed knowing that it is overwith. Granted I havent seen the results yet, but I have the utmost confidence because of his experience and his assurance that it went excellent and he said flat out you are going to be extremely happy with your results.  I did my homework on surgeons and thats what I suggest everyone does, if your gonna do it and invest all that money do it right.  I just cant wait to get the binder off and start being able to work out and play sports again.  Seriously to the guys reading this agonizing over it, dont waste your time with anything other than surgery, and if your not blessed to be in a situation to pay for it or have someone help you, start saving every dollar, maybe get a loan, because it is so worth the mental liberation, I  already feel like a million bucks.  And I can't get over how easy and painless it was, I'll let the board know how it is as I heal, but I will say that eevryone in NY or nearby should go to Dr. Jacobs.  One month from now I am starting modeling again and will be the old me, confident and manly(chested, lol).  I know this summer will be a whole new world, I truely sypathize with every guy out there with the problem and wish everyone my good fortune of being able to treat it, if anyone has any questions at all I would love to help answer them because I fully understand how vulnerable gyno makes us.  Thanks for listening to my long story and I wish all the best and will update my surgery healing..............



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Unless your parents are very well to do, you should start paying them back for the surgery loan.

Good luck in your career.

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Surgery: February 18th, 2005
Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz
Type: Gland only

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First of all, congrats. I'm going through the EXACT same thing. Matter of fact, sounds like we had surgery on the same day.

I've got a question for you.  How long after you took steroids did you notice your gyno??? I ask for this reason:

Like you, I've been in killer shape for most of my life. 4 years ago, I took a cycle of Winstrol. Got super lean and cut. I went off my cycle and everything was fine. It wasn't until a year and a half ago that I notcied my gyno. Actually, even worse, my friends notcied for me.

Did your gyno develop right after you stopped your cycle....or did it take a while?

Congrats again....I just had my surgery on the 16th and it is one hell of a relief.

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bambam who did your surgery?


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