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hi everyone. im 17 years old and have been struggling with gynecomastia for some time now. im only about 20 pounds overweight. i love to work out and i use to work out my chest alot thinking the large amount of fat would go away but it only made it worse. now i cant work my chest out knowing it will make it worse, and it sucks because its my favorite muscle to work out. this has caused me so much embarresment and people sometimes grab  my chest and make fun of me. it really loweres my confidence. i want to get surgery for it and i was wondering if i would have to see my primary doctor before i see the plastic surgeon or can i go straight to the plastic surgeons office and have him take a look at it?


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Wecome Broh!

Don't waste your time with a GP. Contact a highly recommended Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon for a consultation.

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