Author Topic: I have my first date since Gynecomastia surgery.  (Read 1421 times)

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Hi All!!
 I had Gynecomastia surgery two weeks ago today and I must say that the results are fabulous so far!! Thank You Dr. Robert Cattani, Staten Island, NY.
Now the good question is. I have a date tomorrow night and if we should get a little intimate how would I explain my slightly battered and bruised chest?


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There's not really anything to say except the truth.  Anything else will sound like a lie.  Shark, car wreck, a really rough hockey game, mugged, attacked by dog/lion?  LOL.... ;)

If you're not ready to tell the truth, I guess you could delay things until it's not noticeable and you wouldn't have to come up with something.

Congrats man!  

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Keep the lights dimmed.   And have fun! ;)

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