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Hi guys im 21 yrs old and i have had "Moobs" (not the regular man boobs but feminine ones)for as long as i can remember. Im not a overweight kid, actually im really small (5'9" 140Lbs.)(small hands small arms etc.) the past 8 months or so my chest has just gotten bigged, so i tried dieting and working out but theyre atill getting bigged. Its to the point where i dont go out any where anymore becuz im so self consious about my Man Boobs. I get talked about all the time when i leave the house such comments as, "Is that a boy or girl?" or " Thats a Tranny right there!" I'm sick of these comments and sick of being alone all the time. I cannot afford surgery at this time( being 21 and have my own place  its hard lol) so what im asking is what methods or pills or what have you, that will work to flatten my chest? PLZ GUYS I WANNA BEABLE TO GO OUT HAVE A GOOD TIME AND TAKE MY SHIRT OFF FOR ONCE IN PUBLIC!!!! Would testosterone treatment help me?


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There are no pills to take, nor can you exercise it away.  The only option that works for true gyne is surgery.  Usually, a combination of lipo and gland removal under the nipple is required for satisfactory results.  A ballpark cost is around $5,000.  Look for a board certified plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with gynecomastia surgery, and look at lots of before and after pictures in the doctor's office.  Does your family know of the heartache this problem is causing you?  Would they help you with the cost if you asked?  You must make it known to them how it is affecting your life adversely.  They won't know unless you tell them and make it clear that it is significantly affecting your life in a bad way.  

If cheaper and simpler options were available, it would be nice.  But the reality is the only thing that corrects the problem.  So set your mind to accomplishing it.  
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As young as you are, you need a thorough medical workup.  If you know your pediatrician well (most pediatricians follow their patients until age 18), he or she may be able to help shed some light on your condition.  If not, visit your parents' doctor.  You may need referral to an endocrinologist or geneticist.  I would certainly go that route before having surgery, given your history and the body appearance you describe.

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wolf420, I feel for you.   You're not alone in this, I'm in a similar situation as you.  I've had people grab at my chest, been called "bitch breasts" (yeah, thanks Fight Club...), and all sorts of other nasty names.  I have a pretty normal build, so my gyne is pretty noticeable.  I'm looking into having it corrected through surgery, finally.

So glad to have this board available.  Its great to talk to others who are in the same situation as us.


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hey wolf, Im 21 too man, same thing here. Im pretty slim, 6'  170 lbs. ive been dealing with this since as long as i can remember, been through it all just like you have. Once i got into college i started workin out hard. I got some muscle, slimmed down a bit, but my chest didnt go away. I went to a general practitioner, who went me to an endocrinologist, who sent me to get a mamogram (embarassing by the way), then got sent to a general surgeon who sent me to a plastic surgeon. Im now set up for surgery in 9 days. I started that little journey in august and had to set up my operation for xmas break. But after all those visits to different doctors i found that unfortunately this is the only way to fix this curse. good luck with everything man


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