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Well, ever since I can remember I have suffered with gyne. Ive been laughed off for saying it this way(suffer), other people who never experienced this cant understand how it affects you in every aspect of life. Or am I just being foolish as other people have told me? I dont think so , I guesss it affects people in different ways and maybe some people can deal with it better, but I couldnt, it affected me , and my life horriably.
Doctors diagnosed me with add(attentin deficite disorder)since I was old enough to remember, noone could figure out what was wrong with me , just a crazy kid acting out they figured . Ive been to phycologists and everything and they didnt even seem to understand the problem, but I did and noone would really listen to my cries for help . I have hundreds of stories of being teased and acting out because of this but I wont get into that because the story would gone on for pages.
Yes, I had a very supportive family who I spoke to of this but , how could they understand truly, they said I was being silly too , "its not that big of a deal , it could be worse you know". It could be I guess , but to me it couldnt , nothing to me could of been worse . I had no friends growing up because of this ,and that caused me to be known than as a loser, reject.Many times i wanted to die , I drank,I did drugs and got into alot of trouble , but I said I didnt care , I just wanted something , someone to help . Dont get me wrong ,I have a conscience, I always felt bad for all my evil actions , If noone was going to give me the right attention , Id take what I can get .
I never new anyone who had gyne and I never heard of this site . I was diagnosed with depression later on in life and am still taking the treatments with it , like I said I have tons of stories I can tell and Im sure most of the people on this site have tons of stories too , so I wont talk about them now , it would take forever , but I would love to discuss them .
Well , in conclusion I guess ,  I had my surgery done 2days ago from this story Im writing.I understand that my life wont be all of a sudden perfect , but I bet it will be a hell of alot more comfortable , at least I wont get the comment:"you should wear a bra"
If anyone wants to share their views , or become gyne friends , dont hesitate to contact me , Im happy this site is here and im sure it will help alot of people.
I plan to post some before and after pics of myself , for information purposes , please be kind , but I know everyone will because we understand each other . Take care and best of luck to everyone .


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Congratulations, can't wait to see the pictures!



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I totally understand where you're coming from, and I'm so glad you took the difficult step of surgery.  You didn't mention your age, so I hope you didn't waste your youth feeling bad about gyne.  Everyone reacts differently to the idea of plastic surgery, but ultimately, its your life that will be improved.  So, no, it is not silly, my friend, to radically deal with this problem!  Gyne ruins lives!  I can attest to this from my experience.  Looking down at how the seatbelt squishes my chest so that my boobs are bigger than the girl sitting in the passenger seat......or how about seeing your reflection in a department store mirror and being horrified by the long shadows cast by your chest.  I am an elementary school teacher, so I understand the stares, glances, and gazes towards my chest area.  Many times I've been relieved beyond belief just to get in my car alone after a day of being uncomfortable and self-conscience. 

I am 39 y/o as of last week.  I just had surgery last Friday.  I go to my first follow-up exam tomorrow.  I am so happy about having this behind me, I'm almost giddy.  I don't even mind driving 5 hours to Houston from Dallas to see my surgeon.  When I see my reflection, I am stunned.  Life will get better for you, too, I'm sure of it! 

Congratulations on your start living!!


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