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My life has sucked for the past years, I've had gyne since I was 12 Years old. At first I didn't really care about it because I thought it would go away as i grow up. Now I'm 18 years old and i still have it, its worse than ever, I can't wear a single shirt because of them, they stick out so much. It's summer and I still wear a jacket or sweater ALOT OF THICK CLOTHES my friends tell me "man why don't you take that off? It's hot out here" I lie to them and say i can go up to 100 temp, but in reality I'm so hot I try to stay away from the sun alot. Basically I try to stay away from everyone, I've thought about suicide, been depressed for the past months, I don't know if I can keep on going living like this, it's so difficult, I'm also a "late bloomer" WTF I'M 18 YEARS OLD :'( !!!!! I'm overweight  I weight 195lbs 5"8... I use to weight 215lbs. I'm slowly losing it but I haven't seen my chest go any smaller. I was about to do something stupid to myself last week, until I found this site. I don't know what to do. Please help. (suicide is always on my mind, I see that as my way out of suffering :'()


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Stop right there.  I am 33 and just had surgery three days ago.  i have lived with it for as long as I can remember.  I have a wife, a kid, a good job, a big house, and a nice car.  The reason why I told you all that is because life is pretty good besides the gyne.  DOn't let it be who you are. Stop wearing the jackets.  It just brings more attention to you.  Once your friends tease you for a few days, they will get tired of it.  Life will go on.  As for taking care of this situation, walk into you parents room, close your eyes and tell them how you feel.  That is how I told my wife.  It is embarassing as hell, but once you get it over with it will get a lot easier.  Tell them that you are totally depressed about it and give them a chance to help.  I lived my life with it and never thought there was a cure until now. You have a lot more hope than I did at your age.  You can' kill yourself over manboobs.  What a silly reason to die. Half of the people at your funeral will say they didn't even notice you had them and the other half will say they didn't know it bothered you. Keep reading this site and you will see that there are a lot of people dealing with the same thing.  Keep your head up.

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I promise when the gyne problem fixed,i will try my best on everything.I will study hard and become Sith Lord ;)

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Surgery dude.

I've not discovered this website till I was 34, consider urself lucky. Go for it, get the moobs out of ur life, and diet at ur ease. what the hell, even if u stayed overweight, u'll just be "another" big guy.

Again, its obvious, surgery. Just choose a good doctor.

P.S. I guess I read here somewhere that 3 out 5 men have some degree of gyn, ur not alone, we're all in this.
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Hey gynosucks listen to the advice the guys are giving you. Talk to your parents and take some steps to change your life . Your'e actually lucky to have this option at such a young age. I'm 37 and regret not taking action sooner than I did. Thought about it night and day for the last few years but had to get the money up. Hang in there it could be worse although it doesn't feel like it now..

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aha parents my ass  your 18 years old . my parents say its nothing and wont pay for shit ;D so i still have it until i get a job i dont get fed up with.If your gona suicide let me have your computer  ;) if not then get surgery for your gyno couple thousand dollars.

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Dude.....   Suicide is not the answer.

Get some coin together.... Beg, borrow or steal. Opps, sorry.... forget the 'stealing' bit ;D. Somehow, get the money together for surgery. Are you working right now? If you are, open a savings account at your bank and start putting every last spare penny away and dont touch it for any reason except for surgery.

I, as with some of the other guys in this thread, lived with gyne for many years. I had to endure the 'Curse' for 31 years. I'm 42 now. I still shake my head and think how I ever managed. I not once contemplated suicide. Felt like crawling under a rock many times tho....  :'(

Hang in there dude.... It does get better.  ;)

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surgery, you win; suicide, gyne wins.  

that makes it pretty clear for me.  maybe you just don't hate it enough yet?  ;)  ;)
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* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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listen I got gyne, and I can say that it has no affect on who your friends are, what girls you can get, or what kind of life you can live

the only BIG downside is not being able to go to the jacuzzi, take off your shirt around with the other guys, go to the pool or beach, or wear thin or most T-shirts.

other than that, your personality and brain are in control of the situation

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I´m 12 days post op and feel great. Very happy with the results. But one funny thing I noticed afterwards, when I talked to friends and family about  my condition, was that no one had noticed my "problem"... And my surgeron said I had B cups!

Even my girl friend says she never noticed my breasts.

So my point is this: I think you tend make the problem bigger (literally) than it really is, inside your head. I know that I did. You´ll be just fine. Take care.


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