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My story is kind of like the one 2 posts below.  Im 15 but ive had breasts sence round 6th grade when i started puberty.  i weigh prbly round 165 and not really fat but my nipples are huge and so is my breast.  i just watched a wierd show bout a guy getting surgery with his gynecomastia and how it worked out but i come from a poor faimly, no $.  My dad tells me its puberty all the time and to just work out more.  My mom and sister tell me it will go away and so did the doctor but the problem is, it aint goin away.  Can anyone tell me some signs of gynecomastia so i can try to judge if it is just puberty or if i do actualy have a problem?  Thanks for all your help.


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Sometimes it does go away.  Your parents have good intentions but my guess is, like most other people, they have no idea what gynecomastia is.  As far as your doctor, he probably doesn't know either.  Again, good intentions, but no knowledge of the problem.  You have no money?  Call around and find a PS with no consultation fee.  If they have no fee, they're probably less experienced but a hell of a lot more experienced with gyne than your family doctor is.

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THE same the happened to me, everyone said it would go away but it didnt, yet there is still a chance it might since you are young, when i had it so did a handful of my friends, luckily for them it went away but if it doesnt you can get it taken out when you get a little older and can convince your parents it needs to be done, good luck dude!


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