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Hello All:

I came across this website just buy chance as I was looking for information for another health issue. I signed in right away because I find it extremely interesting. After watching a video and looking at some pictures I drew the conclusion that I have “moderate to severe pseudo-gynecomastia” but I am still shy to post photos. My nipples do not protrude a lot but I have a good deal of accumulation of fat around them. As my chest is rather hairy, the hair helps hiding the breasts to an extent.
I am in my early 60’s and I have always had enlarged breasts. I remember that my father also had this condition but he did not hide it. The whole family used to go swimming together and I was always whishing that there were nobody in the beach so I could feel free to show by chest. I noticed that in the cold days my nipples contracted and this made them less noticeable, as well if I rubbed my nipples with my arms or squeezed the with my fingers they contracted.
When I was very young I discovered that by stimulating my nipples I was sexually aroused and I used this for self-gratification. I have been married (with children) for 35 years; after a few years of being together, my wife and I added this form of stimulation in our sexual life and both of us enjoy it until today. As she is very conservative, she was a bit worried at first that this was a sexual deviation of mine, but we read a book that said many men enjoy this kind of stimulation.
Same as many other men with gynecomastia, I find it very hard to accept this condition because in the country I was born a man with breasts is considered weird and most possibly an homosexual, so in my young years I had great fears of becoming an homosexual too, or to be taken for one. My classmates in high school used to say that with those breasts I should have been a woman.
At some point in life I decided to stop hiding mi chest, certain day in a vacation in the beach, I took a long walk and then I went to the city, without a shirt; I was surprised that nobody noticed my condition and nobody said anything or made jokes about it. Then I realized that my fears were exaggerated. On a different matter I once read the sentence “You will be surprised how little other people care about you”.
It also helped me overcome a bit my fears when I saw a funny show where a famous TV comedian and entrepreneur had a role where he appeared without shirt, and he was shaking his body to make his large breasts to move from one side to the other. A lot of people laughed about it and his comment was “I don’t care if people laugh about my body, but I don’t tolerate if they make jokes about my personality”.
Personally, I am not considering surgery for these reasons:
* I have lived 60+ years with large breasts and I kind of got used to them.
* As in any surgery there are risks that must be carefully considered; but I understand that in some cases surgery seems to be crucial.
* My condition is considered cosmetic so I should have to pay for the surgery, but I have other uses for that money.
* The risks of breast cancer in men with enlarged breasts is not much higher than in men with normal breasts.
* I could lose my nipple sensitivity, which is an important part of my sex life.

Best wishes to all.



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dnt be shy dude
u can cut anything in the picture to hide your presonality :)


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